A handful of nice Animal Tattoos pictures I discovered:

Animal Tattoos
Animal Tattoos

Image by frankManley
(2011) me and my gf are into animal tattoos.

My new badger tattoo!!
Animal Tattoos

Image by BreadnBadger
Tattoo by Lew Hess at Atlas Tattoo in Portland, OR

I enjoy this so significantly, I can’t even describe it. Just for reference, I asked Lew to base his design on this old Sailor Jerry tattoo of a panther with a snake: cdn3.ioffer.com/img/item/839/482/41/o_HqbRAGipf5iwQOB.jpg

I shouldn’t have to say this, and I know it is weird, but I’d actually appreciate it if you happen to be thinking about finding a tattoo like this to have your tattoo artist redraw the design themselves and not just duplicate mine. An individual else discovered one of my original tattoos on the net and got the precise identical thing (same colors and anything) and it kinda weirds me out. Thanks.

Man with animal track tattoos up and down his legs and the back of his head.
Animal Tattoos

Image by iirraa