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Image from web page 122 of “The boy who knew what the birds said” (1918)
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Identifier: boywhoknewwhatbicolu
Title: The boy who knew what the birds stated
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972
Publisher: New York : The Macmillan Business

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red 115 THE BOY WHO KNEW WHAT THE BIRDS Stated years prior to he had hunted with his companions,and he was then named, not Huge Man, but LittleFawn. And 1 day—a hundred and a hundred yearsago it was—he had gone to chase a deer. The deerfled into a cave. He followed with his hounds andhis sword, his trumpet and his missile-ball. Hewent astray and fell asleep in the Cave. And whenhe wakened up, his hounds had been heaps of dustbeside him. He went into the world, and he foundthat his companions were dead for a hundred anda hundred years and that the guys of the earthhad turn out to be smaller and smaller. In the Cavehe left his sword and his trumpet and his missile-ball. The Cock place his two feet on the ground and shook his red comb from more than his left to more than his proper eye. Then stated he, Everyone in the home was friendly to Tiny Fawn except a single person—■ Murrish the Cook-woman. From the initial day he came there have been disputes in between them. Large guys have massive appetites, stated she to him the day 116

Text Appearing Following Image:
All flew from the mountain except one bird and he was thegreatest amongst them all. THE GIANT AND THE BIRDS he came, and so to-evening I will give you twoeggs for your supper. But when she handed himthe eggs Tiny Fawn mentioned It was not the eggsof the hedge-sparrow we had been wont to consume in mytime. Eggs of the hedge-sparrow! mentioned Mur-rish, I have handed you the most significant eggs laidby the ideal hens in the country. In my timethere had been bigger eggs in the nest of the hedge-sparrow, said Small Fawn. The subsequent day she gave him a barley-cake forhis breakfast. He ate it and then sent the boy—Ardan was his name—to ask what else she wasgoing to give him. Give him! mentioned Murrish the Cook-woman,I have provided him a whole barley cake, and thatis enough for two mens breakfasts. Inform her, mentioned Small Fawn, that I usually sawan ivy-leaf that was as big as her barley cake. Inform him, said Murrish the Cook-woman,that I am not here to listen to old mens ro-mances. Now when he heard that his words had been taken as ol

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Animal Tattoos

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