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Image from page 665 of “The new dispensatory : containing I. the elements of pharmacy : II. the materia medica, or an account of the substances employed in medicine, with the virtues and uses of each and every article, so far as they are warranted by experience and
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Identifier: newdispensatoryc1765lewi
Title: The new dispensatory : containing I. the components of pharmacy : II. the materia medica, or an account of the substances employed in medicine, with the virtues and uses of each write-up, so far as they are warranted by knowledge and observation : III. the preparations and compositions of the new London and Edinburgh pharmacopoeias with such of the old ones as are kept in the shops the most celebrated foreign medicines the most helpful of these directed in the hospitals sundry elegant extemporaneous types, &ampc. digested in such a technique as to compose a typical technique of pharmacy with remarks on their preparation and uses the means of distinguishing adulterations of performing the much more hard and hazardous processes with ease and safety, &ampc. : the entire interspersed with sensible cautions and observations
Year: 1765 (1760s)
Authors: Lewis, William, 1708-1781
Subjects: Pharmacopoeias Dispensatories Dispensatories
Publisher: London : Printed for J. Nourse, bookseller in ordinary to his majesty

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ttle to bleeding, isone of the bell external remedies*It is to be fpread on lint, and ap-plied at bed-time. Cataplasma emolliens.Emollient caiaplajm.Take of Crumb of bread, eight ouncesWhite foap, a single ounce Cows milk, frcfh, a fufficientquantity* Medicinal Compofitions. Portion IV# Boil them a small collectively. Cataplasma stomachicum.Stomachic cataplafm.Take of The aromatic cataplafm^ one ounce Expreffed oil of mace, two drams Anodyne balfam, as significantly as isfufficient to lessen them intoa correct confiflence. Cataplasma CAMPHORATtJM. Camphorated cataplafm*Take of Aromatic cataplafm, one particular oonce Camphor, one particular dram.Mix them together. Cataplasma ischiadicum,Ifchiadic cataplajht.Take of Muftard feed, half a pound White pepper.Ginger, every one dram Easy oxymel, as a lot as willreduce them into a cataplafm* The ufe of thefe compofitions,which are taken from our holpi-tals, may possibly be eaflly underflood fromtheir titles. The laft is a verySimulating application, and fre-quently veflcates the ikin.

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INDEX. I N D E X. ABforbent earths fage 62 Acacia, -Egyptian 73German 205, 400 Acids 61 animal 143 mintral ^ 24 marine 25, 448 nitrous 25, 447 vitriolic 25, 443 vegetable 8, 14 Acrids 69 Adder 245 Adderftongue ^ 188 ^thiops, fee Ethiops ih. Affinities of bodies 27 Agaric y6 of the oak 76 Agrimony yyhemp-agrimony 139 water-agrimony 139^ Alder 79 black alder 79 Alcohol 381 Ales medicated 301 aperient 302r bitter 302 Butlers 302 cephalic 302 diuretic 302 fcorbutic 303 Alexanders 153 Alkaline infufion 276 falts, fixt gf, 423, volatile 429 4^1kanet ^ij Allfpice 201 Almonds 85 exprefTed oil two.66 Almond foap 436 Aloes – 79 purified 262 gum 407 refm 407 Aloes elixir page 323 pills 325 wine 2gz wood je Alterative mercurials, &ampc. fe^ Mercurials, 5fC. Alum tz burnt or dried 464 curd iB^ water or folution ib» whey 288 Amber 234 prepared 256 balfam 481 compound powder 554 tindture 31^ troches ^^^ oil, fait and fplrit 481 Ambergris 83 eflence 328 Ammoniac fait, fee Salt ih» Ammoniacum gum 84

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