Some cool Animal Tattoos pictures:

Ripostery No. 20 : Beauty is in the Eye
Animal Tattoos

Image by Sharon Drummond
Left : Snark AKA DeForestRanger AKA Crow
Appropriate : Jabberwock AKA Sharon Drummond

As soon as once again, I’m a week late in uploading… this week’s will be up in moments…

Crow mentioned: &quotMy very first thought when I received Sharon’s &quotInspire&quot photo for this week was to catch the south end of a northbound Steller’s Jay, an straightforward resolution. My second believed was Skunk’s lovely and distinctively banded &quotraccoon tail,&quot also an easy solution. Okay, with two fall-backs in my mental kit bag, I decided to hold my eyes out during the remainder of the week.

By Thursday morning, I was starting to feel a bit frustrated and these &quoteasy outs&quot had been looking significantly less and significantly less attractive. Then I went to town, and a stroke of pure genius hit me: guys impressing girls. I hoped I’d see some muscle-bound Schwarzenegger-kind, bare-chested, tattooed, standing next to a Hummer or a hot tiny sportscar. No luck. I don’t know any of the guys up at the climbing shack properly adequate to ask them to take their shirts off, so that was out as effectively.

In the dark of night, the Muse paid me a second visit. &quotThe answer,&quot she said, &quotis in your really personal cupboard. Beauty is in the eye.&quot This morning, out came the fly-tying kit and the peacock herl, and Mother Nature supplied up a little bit of all-natural light to comprehensive the equation.

The moral of the story is: Quit trying to force it, you knothead!&quot

I was so pleased with Crow’s response. I was honestly expecting an animal tail of some sort – with Crow’s talent for photographing birds, I believed it would be a cinch. How could I have identified that she would have a peacock feather ready to shoot?