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Image from web page 627 of “Vanity fair” (1900)
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Identifier: vanityfair01thac
Title: Vanity fair
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863 Fiske, Minnie Maddern, Mrs., 1865- [from old catalog]
Subjects: Waterloo, Battle of, Waterloo, Belgium, 1815 British Female friendship Social classes Married girls
Publisher: New York and Boston, H. M. Caldwell business

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e more, and cried bitterly. I could not aid it. It was myonly opportunity. I dare not tell my husband. He would kill me if Itold him what I have done. I have kept it a secret from everybodybut you—and you forced it from me. Ah, what shall I do, LordSteyne ? for I am extremely, quite unhappy ! Lord Steyne created no reply except by beating the devils tattoo,and biting his nails. At final he clapped his hat on his head, andflung out of the space. Rebecca did not rise from her attitude ofmisery till the door slammed upon him and his carriage whirledaway. Then she rose up vith the queerest expression of virtuousmischief glittering in her green eyes. She burst out laughing onceor twice to herself, as she sat at operate and sitting down to thepiano, she rattled away a triumphant voluntary on the keys, whichmade the folks pause under her window to listen to her brilliantmusic. That evening there came two notes from Gaunt Home for the littlewoman, the one containing a card of invitation from Lord and Lady

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THE Quite Very best OF Company. 537 Steyne to a dinner at Gaunt Property subsequent Friday although the otherinclosed a slip of gray paper bearing Lord Steynes signature andthe address of Messrs. Jones, Brown, and Robinson, LombardStreet. Rawdon heard Becky laughing in the night when or twice. Itwas only her delight at going to Gaunt Home and facing the ladiesthere, she stated, which amused her so. But the truth was that shewas occupied with a great number of other thoughts. Should shepay off old Briggs and give her her congk ? Need to she astonishRaggles by settling his account ? She turned over all these thoughtson her pillow, and on the next day, when Rawdon went out to payhis morning check out to the club, Mrs. Crawley (in a modest dress witha veil on) whipped off in a hackney-coach to the city and beinglanded at Messrs. Jones and Robinsons bank, presented a docu-ment there to the authority at the desk, who, in reply, asked her How she would take it ? She gently stated she would take a hundred and fift

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Image from page 327 of “The history of mankind” (1896)
Bear Tattoos

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Identifier: historyofmankind01ratz
Title: The history of mankind
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Ratzel, Friedrich, 1844-1904 Butler, Arthur John, 1844-1910
Subjects: Ethnology Anthropology
Publisher: London, Macmillan and co., ltd. New York, The Macmillan co.

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amongst the Maoris, embracing all whocame over in the exact same boat. The name signifies bone, and thus a deeperfoundation, related to that of the hapu is not excluded. In Melanesia theterm one particular side of the property signifies the same thing as hapu, or the twoveve (mothers) into which the complete tribe is divided. In Fiji it is veita root.The young children constantly belong to the mothers loved ones the husbands nearestrelations, by whom his own family is carried on, are his sisters youngsters. Aman must constantly marry a wife from the other group. The two familiesagain branch off into four, and these once again into a number of subdivisions. Allwho bear a frequent name regard themselves as blood-relations, and marriagesbetween them are incestuous. This tie is usually the only a single that holds, andthus it acquires political importance. Right here, as everywhere, the exogamic groupspossess cognisances, or, as we might say, household arms most frequently animals orplants, to which they think themselves to be in some way related. Among the

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Fly-whisk, from the Society Islands—one-sixth genuine size. (Christy Collection.) THE Loved ones AND THE STATE IN OCEANIA 279 Melanesians this symbol is referred to as tamanin or ponto, resemblance amoiF thePolynesians atua. They put on it both in their tattooing and in the ornamentationof their weapons. Inanimate objects also, paddles, nets, whisks, are amongst thesesigns, mentioned to have been granted by the gods and their protective energy ishonoured by solemn dances. Prohibitions in respect of what could be huntedor eaten are connected with them. That comparable relations may possibly at any timecome into existence is shown bythe sudden cessation of all banana-planting in Ulawu, following an influ-ential man had announced on hisdeath-bed that he was going toturn into a banana. The sacrifice of the loved ones, asif it had been a transitory appearanceon the surface of the unchangeabletribe, comes most clearly to viewin the regulations as to propertyand inheritance. The husband cantake practically nothing of his wifes property,while when

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