A handful of nice Bear Tattoos photos I identified:

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Bear Tattoos

Image by Yevy Photography
teeth in the grass by iron and wine

i got tagged for sixteen items today, so right here goes!

1. i consider dead things are pretty ] ^^
two. almost everything i do has music accompanying it
three. i am studying to play the piano again, currently my favored song to attempt to play is comptine d’un autre été by yann tiersan
four. ever because i saw &quotseven pounds&quot i can’t cease considering that jelly fish are lovely.
5. i watch a entire lot of motion pictures. correct now i’m actually into the genre of war motion pictures! they have every human emotion in them..
six. i am majoring in youngster psychology
7. i work as a secretary at a location exactly where i get paid next to absolutely nothing, and i’m also nervous to ask for a raise hahah (possibly my boss will accidentally appear at this hahah)
eight. i adore art, every single form of art. each single one particular
9. a person known as me charming when, and i’ve been attempting to reside up to that ever given that ]
ten. the last factor i ever want is a comfortable life, i have definitely no wish to ‘settle down’
11. i was born in russia, moved to isreal when i was six months old, and moved to america when i was 5.
12. my preferred films are ‘the united states of leland’ and ‘all the genuine girls’ simply because their scripts are unbelievably lovely.
13. when i was in the sixth grade my teacher read us a story about a man who was cursed with tattoos and he did not know how to get them off and he did not know what to do, and the tattoos would move about and tell the future and essentially torture him. in the finish of the story he finally gets all the tattoo’s off, i’m not certain how i think by dipping his hand into the ocean, and they all come off except for a single tiny bear that is hugging his pinky. when i heard that i decided that i wanted to get a tattoo of a little bear. not on my pinky, but on the bend of my left inner arm. now that i am old adequate to do so i can not locate the story anyplace, and i truly really feel like i need to study it again prior to i get the tattoo. by the way it is not the illustrated man by ray bradbury, i just re study that book to make confident :]
14. i feel like nice words from a harsh person couldn’t mean much more
15. i love the rain, i love the way almost everything looks and smells right after the rain and just the way the day feels
16. i’m a single of these men and women who has close to the exact same new years resolutions each year simply because i never ever actually do them

that’s lengthy, i’m sorry hahah