Some cool Bee Tattoos pictures:

She’s a geek. Riding a train to Comic Con. She has Autobot symbols tattooed on her hands and feet. What do YOU think she is reading?
Bee Tattoos

Image by colorblindPICASO
This is an easy 1, I’m only giving you individuals one particular guess. It much better &quotBee&quot good.

Jester’s Court, PA. Explored
Bee Tattoos

Image by Kevin Conor Keller
Just a random shot Petey took of me even though we had been on location for a shoot inside Jester’s Court Tattoo Parlor.

Thanks Petey!

You guys getting sick of seeing my face yet?

Explored Sep 17, 2010 #103

220/365 busy like the proverbial bee
Bee Tattoos

Image by katie cowden
only picture i got of myself these days, among acquiring a nerd tattoo with my bff and photographing the spitfest. photographs of adventures tomorrow, right after i teach sunday school. (i desperately require the cash.)