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Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Some cool Lower back Tattoos images:

Afternoon Delight
Lower back Tattoos

Image by The Jake Gordon
This week in D.C., I randomly ended up in a bar in Georgetown named Clyde’s. My uncle utilized to love it when he was a hippie in D.C. in the 70’s.

This bar utilized to have an appetizer special on the late- afternoon menu created of shrimp, almonds and brie. This fare (plus beer) brought in the locals like Bill Danoff. My uncle employed to run into Bill. He told me about how Bill and his wife really wrote John Denver’s classic &quotTake Me House (Nation Roads)&quot and he saw them sing back-up to John 1 time as a band referred to as &quotFat City&quot.

Which produced me wonder…I had just read about a Mr. Bill Danoff and his wife Taffy, except the band wasn’t Fat City, it was the Starland Vocal Band.

And short trip about the bar confirmed, low-and-behold, there is was.


Of course featured in Anchorman but also Starsky &amp Hutch, Excellent Will Hunting and then TV’s Arrested Improvement and the Simpsons (Homer had a Starland Vocal Band tattoo. Even the classic film PCU (it is the song they play when they lock the celebration inside the Dean’s property). Awws yeah.

We maintain our cellphone in our hands when we’re waiting for our boyfriend
Lower back Tattoos

Image by Ed Yourdon
I watched this woman sitting alone, at the 72nd Street entrance on the west Side of Central Park, looking quite unhappy she clutched her cellphone in her hands but did not use it, as if she was waiting for a contact. Following about five-10 minutes, a guy came along and greeted her click here to see him. I assume he was the boyfriend, but in any case, she continued clutching her cellphone…

Note: this photo was published in a Jun 12, 2009 blog titled &quotUnhappy? Cease attempting to be happier.&quot And a cropped version of the photo was published in a Sep 23, 2009 German blog titled &quotWie lange auf den Anruf warten?&quot It was also published in a Jul 4, 2010 weblog titled &quotIs Your Revenue Standard As well Low?&quot And it was also published in an Oct five, 2011 weblog titled Tolle Computerized Bilder, with the very same caption and detailed notes that I had written on this Flickr page.

Moving into 2012, the photo was published in an Apr 24, 2012 blog titled &quotfour Ways to Stay Sane in a Toxic Office.&quot


Searching back on some old pictures from 40-50 years ago, I was struck by how visible the differences were amongst the culture of then, versus the culture of now. In some cases, it was evident from the factors folks wore, or carried, or did, back then which they no longer do these days. But often it was the opposite: issues that did not exist back in the 1960s and 1970s have turn out to be a pervasive component of today’s culture.

A great instance is the cellphone: 20 years ago, it basically didn’t exist. Even ten years ago, it was a reasonably uncommon sight, and generally only on major streets of massive cities. Today, of course, cell phones are everywhere, and every person is employing them in a assortment of culture contexts.

Even so, I do not think this is a permanent phenomenon following all, if you believe back to the early 1980s, you possibly would have observed a lot of individuals carrying Sony Walkmans, or &quotboom-box&quot portable radios — all of which have disappeared…

If Moore’s Law (which basically says that computers double in power each and every 18 months) holds up for an additional decade, then we’ll have computerized gadgets around one hundred instances smaller sized, more rapidly, more affordable, and much better — which indicates far better integration of music, camera, messaging, and telephone, but also the possibility of the devices getting so tiny that they’re embedded into our eyeglasses, our earrings, or a tattoo on our forehead.

So the point of this album is to provide a frame of reference — so that we can (hopefully) look back 10-20 years from now, and say, &quotWasn’t it actually weird that we behaved in such bizarre approaches while we interacted with those primitive devices?&quot

Lower back Tattoos

Image by me and the sysop
secret 14 is not a secret to everybody, but the majority of individuals i know now (i.e. coworkers) don’t comprehend i am bipolar. i’ve pointed out it on this picture and this image, which come about to be a couple of my favorites thusfar in my 365.

anyhoot, in sum, i began cutting myself when i was 13. i punched walls for a lengthy time, but my mom would complain about the noise i made. i would punch as difficult as i could and often cut my knuckles. i do not don’t forget the very first time i cut myself, but it was a quieter way of releasing stress.

the first time i abused myself in a related manner was with a plain old #2 pencil. i etched a cross (from my perspective, upside down) into my left hand amongst the forefinger and thumb. i kept digging into it as the skin opened, filling the wound with graphite. as the graphite washed out, i would refill it employing colored pencils. temporary graphite tattoo.

i knew it was incorrect on some level, so one day, sitting on the hearth, i removed the bandaid and showed mom the cross. she was upset, naturally, and created me promise never ever to do it again. maybe that is why i began using sharp metal objects, to comply with her want on a technical level.

i was 13 at that time, and i did not quit for six years. the last date, to be exact, was march 7, 2003. i utilized the identical pink washcloth to soak up/stop the bleeding, and i nevertheless have it.

permit me to story inform. once my mother and i had been having a fight when i was, oh, almost certainly 16. this was the year it peaked. i confessed to my mother that i had been smoking pot and possessing sex with strange boys, that i missed my period two months in a row, and i had some kind of infection &quotdown there&quot (staph, deserved it). following that she tried to be understanding, but i know i would have been just as angry.

she went somewhere right after a single of our fights, leaving me along with five-year-old sarah. she played in her room subsequent to mine, and i sat in my pink bean bag and started tearing my arms up with dull scissors. i felt awful, and i wanted it to be ugly and painful. i dug and dug till blood was dripping all more than my arms and legs. mom walked in, scissors nevertheless in my hands, and went berserk. she asked how could i do that with sarah in the subsequent area? what if i go as well far and kill myself? how does she explain to a 5-year-old that her sister is gone and by no means coming back?

that coupled with my following encounter was 1 of the most potent ones. i wore extended sleeves and ace bandages to cover my scars. (once a buddy saw a tip of 1, yanked up my sleeve, and said, &quotyou’ve been doing it once again, haven’t you!&quot whilst we were in class. i was MORTIFIED. thankfully no one knew what the hell he was talking about.) while in the bathroom checking on these cuts, infant sarah walked in and saw them, raw and glistening with barely wet blood. her eyes went wide and she looked so hurt as she asked what was wrong. i blamed it on the dog. she was nevertheless upset.

i continued on for some years right after that, but by that point it was an addiction. i did not want to do it, but it was the only factor i knew to do. the only time i seriously regarded suicide was december 17, 1999 (16 years old). instantly following generating the gash on my appropriate arm, about four inches extended and a quarter inch deep, i knew i made a error. blood right away was everywhere on my physique and my bed. having already been abandoned by my high best friend (no challenging feelings, honestly) and &quotboyfriend,&quot i referred to as my other very best buddy. even even though she was cleaning a flooded kitchen, she dropped everything to get me. she didn’t even place on shoes. she played &quottake me down&quot by the smashing pumpkins/james iha on our way to her house. she took me to the bathroom, shut the door, and gasped when she saw it. i soaked a white washcloth in my blood and continued to apologize for ruining her washcloth.

i never got stitches. the wounds sat gaping, sticking to any material barely coming into contact with them, for weeks.

an additional powerful moment was when my college-era ideal pal saw fresh cuts, turned her face into a vision of anguish, and gently kissed the fresh wounds. it was the most gorgeous and loving thing i can imagine.

i could go on, but truly i cannot due to the topic matter of this photo. being bipolar, i do not sleep properly. depression causes a single to wake up many instances during the evening, and mania (for me at least) prevents me from sleeping simply because i am not tired. i took a tylenol PM knockoff as instructed by dr. mom and now require to crash. taking tablets that expired a month ago and had been stuck with each other in the bottle is safe, appropriate? they turn out to be much less potent and not more poisonous?

operate is intensely insane. i’m doing 3 people’s jobs and stressing. i really feel guilty that i cannot cope, but mom stated i’m trying to do 120 hours of perform in one week. it is just not going to happen, and i need to have to try and lower my standards to a far more affordable mark. i’ve joked that if my kids are athletic, i’m going to be the scary demanding father who thinks you never execute properly adequate, that your actions are slowing down the group. that is what i am hearing in my head.

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