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Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Some cool Bull Tattoos photos:

folsom street fair, san francisco (2012)
Bull Tattoos

Image by torbakhopper
there’s a really cute little nod to humor on this cow’s left flank — a heart-shaped tattoo with the word &quotBULL&quot scripted inside.

Cool Bull Tattoos photos

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Verify out these Bull Tattoos images:

The Beauty and the Beast
Bull Tattoos

Image by Boogies with Fish…
Saturday dawned bright and sunny, but I was as well late for a sunrise. I slept in till practically 07:00. By the time I got up, there was no time to do a post, so I’m catching up nowadays. It really is worth the wait, since I got some splendid shots during the day. We had a handful of adventures.

Jo Noble has talked about to me a couple of times how she loves to free of charge diver down and swim by way of the divers’ bubbles. It’s enjoyable, it tickles and it is a visual treat. The bubbles at times kind mushroom shapes as big as your hand. If you stick your finger in the &quotbell&quot shape at the prime, it explodes into a hundred tiny bubbles in a circle.

So, we decided that I’d go down soon after Monty and Kate got into the water and shoot Jo swimming by way of the bubbles. It was a quite great thought. Appear at this stunning shot: It may not be the most elegant pose in the history of underwater figure photography, but I like the animal energy of it. Jo is going for the bubbles, pure and straightforward. She’s chasing them with all her might.

This a single is a bit more dreamy. It reminds me a a reverse rainstorm: Jo is an aquatic beauty caught in an up-pour of air drops. I struggled to get some very good skin tones out of this one particular, but the data was basically not there.

The next pose is a lot a lot more sleek and beautiful, but nevertheless portrays the energy of the dive. If you have in no way free dived, you may not realise how considerably effort and ability it takes to get turned over and kick your way down, especially into salt water. It’s not as straightforward as it appears. These of you who free dive will most likely don’t forget, as I do, the difficulty of studying to do it gracefully. If it’s completed appropriate, you see the swimmers bottom for a moment as she flips heels more than head, the legs shoot straight up out of the water to obtain weight above the water line and that weight propels the diver downwards and she reaches for a large double armful of water to pull herself downward.

Here Jo shows the strategy beautifully: Isn’t that beautiful? How lucky to be there with a camera!

Given that I am now carrying out two dives on Saturdays we decided to have a small exciting on the second a single. I’m such a cheapskate that I rent only a single tank. If I get an 80 (that is a big a single) I can get nearly two hours of dive time from it. Monty says I have gills. He may possibly be proper.

Anyway, on the second dive we decided to play the tropical divers’ equivalent of Russian Roulette, &quotTease the Triggerfish&quot. Normal readers have noticed triggerfish right here before. Triggerfish are about the size of a football. In reality the Latin name is derived from the perform for &quotball shape&quot.

Here are two Yellowmargin Triggerfish (Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus) guarding a nesting cone, the massive, funnel shaped location in the sand with the rubbish in the centre: Though they are not at the moment mating, the come back often to these locations to check factors out. On Saturday there have been about ten of them patrolling the area.

The plan was that Monty would take images of me attempting to get close-ups without having receiving bitten. The have teeth. Oh, my do they have teeth, teeth like a Pit Bull and a temperament to match. I had the thickest wet suit and the most expertise with a camera, so it was my duty to get in up-close and private with the tiny devils. Did I mention that they bite? I’ve observed chunks taken out of divers’ fins by these critters.

As it turned out, Monty and Kate were distracted by some anemonefish and weren’t of considerably use to me: The did get into the fray pretty quickly as the triggerfish have been obtaining very agitated and had been darting about everywhere. The like to get about five or six metres away from you, square off, lower their head and make a charge, waggling like crazy and visibly accelerating straight at you. At that point you being to ponder in earnest if they are going to break off the attack or not.

Some of you have noticed this ahead of: I got so tired of describing the two most unsafe triggerfish to divers on my boat so that I could inform them to get behind me that I had them tattooed on my back.

Now, I can hear the mumbling out there, so do not act like you happen to be not sceptical. Non-divers are naturally suspicious of the tall tales, because hardly ever comes back with so much as a scratch.

I did get one really lucky shot just ahead of I practically soiled my wetsuit: Did I mention the headlong charges? Did I mention the teeth? This beast was travelling about thirty KPH when I snapped this shot, just before he flicked aside with an audible SNAP.

We contact this fun.

16 factors
Bull Tattoos

Image by ☆☆
16 issues about me:
#1 – i have not done anything inventive for about a week or so, and i’m acquiring twitchy, but there’s so considerably else to do.
#2 – at some point in my life, i began handwriting solely in block capitals – yet when i kind i only use decrease case.
#3 – i preserve in touch with old pals, but if i just met you final week – you will wonder exactly where the hell i am.
#4 – in spite of my liking for using old gear, i like to mix it in with the newest gizmos. i’m not positive what alvin toffler would make of it all. maybe i need to ask him.
#5 – i am listening to a cassette tape of wolfman jack on radio caroline, as i kind this.
#six – keely smith… wow.
#7 – i have seen ghosts, real ones… lights, stuff moving in front of me… when i even got attacked by a green mist in a haunted constructing.
#eight – there is a correlation in between the velvet underground and rockabilly music and often it feels like i am the only 1 who knows this.
#9 – i enjoy sun records – pure music, no bull.
#10 – the jazzateers, orange juice, the shakin pyramids, aztec camera(early stuff only thoughts)… genius.
#11 – i read too much, i must do much more.
#12 – i’m a late starter to weblog-writing, in spite of operating fanzines because about 1987, but i am acquiring there ( )
#13 – i’m often amazed at politics inside the rockabilly scene, and how dumb the arguments usually seem.
#14 – i do truly reside in a house filled with retro ephemera.
#15 – i want a lot more tattoos… the subsequent one particular i want is going to hurt… badly.
#16 – i can trace my family history/background via at least five different ethnic groups… but mostly i am white -trash south american.


Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Some cool Bull Tattoos pictures:

Bull Tattoos

Image by Erica_Marshall
To use this photo in any way you need to license it. See this link for data about pricing.

Nice Bull Tattoos pictures

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

A handful of good Bull Tattoos images I discovered:

Ship of the desert
Bull Tattoos

Image by CharlesFred
A bull camel, seemingly with a smile on his face regardless of the sturdy wind blowing the sand about. Note the tattoo on his neck.

Raise Higher the Roofbeams, Carpenters and Seymour an Introduction
Bull Tattoos

Image by kio
Bought on the street from a tattooed girl with a sleepy pit bull at her side. Her list? Hope so.

Day 136 – She told me so

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Verify out these Bull Tattoos pictures:

Day 136 – She told me so
Bull Tattoos

Image by John Carleton
1 of the first items Sheelagh stated to me when she looked a lot more closely at the new washer and dryer was, &quothey, these things are all computerized. Doesn’t that mean they will break sooner? What sort of warranty did we get?&quot Nicely, final evening I tried to commence a load – the really very first load – and it beeped at me and displayed an error message. &quotFault code 9 – speak to buyer help.&quot WTF? It is brand new and they guy who delivered/installed it had it functioning!

I called Fisher &amp Paykel customer support for assist. (I will say that it’s extremely nice to work with a organization primarily based out of New Zealand – the accent actually goes a extended way to making the customer assistance agent sound polite and useful. -P) Extended contact brief, she had no clue what a fault code 9 meant. Nonetheless, she managed to uncover it appropriate just before she gave me the numbers of regional service reps. She informed me it meant some setting hadn’t yet been set. She attempted to instruct me to push some mixture of buttons to get it set, but we had no luck. In the end she suggested I call back in the morning to talk to tech help to have them walk me through it.

This morning prior to function I called back, and was met with considerably the very same as the prior night. &quotFault code 9? WTF, mate?&quot She gave me the numbers of regional service providers. Before she clicked off, I explained my prior conversation, and she place me on hold to speak to a techie. When she came back, she had the answer. The size setting wasn’t set. In order to set it, I had to unplug the machine from the wall, wait a minute, plug it back in and then hold the left scroll button and higher efficiency button until the size setting screen popped up. After it did, I chose the correct size, powered off and on, and I was off to the races. Huzzah!

So now you are going to know – if you encounter a fault code 9 when attempting to use your new Fisher &amp Paykel AquaSmart clothes washer, just refer back to this page. :-)

BMX (FlatLand)
Bull Tattoos

Image by Dark Botxy

BMX in Flatland, of Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival 2008 BCN

Cool Bull Tattoos photos

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

A few good Bull Tattoos images I located:

Bull Tattoos

Image by lauritadianita
Oscar’s guaraches from Jalisco, Mexico, in Sicilia, Italia.

Bull Tattoos

Image by John Carleton
I have no concept how men and women get these factors to stand up for any length of time. :-)


Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Check out these Bull Tattoos pictures:

Bull Tattoos

Image by


Monday, June 24th, 2013

A couple of nice Bull Tattoos pictures I found:

Bull Tattoos

Image by dangerismycat
my cousin was in town last week…yep, we’re Scottish (MacLeods).

and damn was my arm swole!

Day 191 – Back on the horse
Bull Tattoos

Image by John Carleton
The back’s all healed up so I had to jump on the tramp again to prove I could do it. Accomplishment! Score one for the old guy.

Cool Bull Tattoos images

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Some cool Bull Tattoos photos:

Bull Tattoos

Image by


Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Some cool Bull Tattoos pictures:

Bull Tattoos

Image by

Bull Tattoos

Image by

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