A few good Bull Tattoos images I found:

nodding at the hitler stache
Bull Tattoos

Image by torbakhopper
i understand that it is controversial to have a hitler stache.
but i believe the gays have done a excellent job of producing the rainbow anything much more than a devastating biblical atrocity that wiped out all of humankind and stood in as some kind of insane promise that an imaginary god of all beings would not wipe humankind out once more.
and appropriately, the rainbow was adopted post AIDS/HIV

so i believe it could really properly be time for the hitler stache to drop its historical dominance.

i’m nonetheless attempting to convince my friend, a female, to rock the stache in a photo session with me (if you happen to be reading this, gohar, YEAH, YOU! lol). personally, i can’t wait to see the strangle hold that certain groups of folks have attempted to maintain against history come falling down. hitler is extended dead and the true spirit of nazism is properly entrenched in other, non-german, pro-corporate fascism movements known as U.S. Customers.

wake up, people, i will say it once more, hitler is Long dead and so any 1 trying to re-enact those days is typically aligned in some measures with the new nazis. the new nazis continuously try to concentrate people’s attention on the old nazis so that they can avoid modern scrutiny. the new nazis make films and films about the old nazis. it is just their sick tiny gig.

Politics of Stone
Bull Tattoos

Image by Liamfm .
when old bulls lock

Trollie got “tramp stamp”
Bull Tattoos

Image by smohundro
The Rollin’ Troll of Fremont has a Tramp Stamp.