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Image from page 128 of “Shans at property. With two chapters on Shan history and literature” (1910)
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Identifier: shansathomewitht00miln
Title: Shans at house. With two chapters on Shan history and literature
Year: 1910 (1910s)
Authors: Milne, Leslie, Mrs., 1860-1952 Cochrane, Wilbur Willis
Subjects: Shan (Asian men and women)
Publisher: London : John Murray
Contributing Library: University of British Columbia Library
Digitizing Sponsor: University of British Columbia Library

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pools,neither boys nor girls are reallyrough or unkind in their play.They bathe naked until nine orten years of age then wearpetticoats, tied tightly below thearms. Shans do not excel inswimming, and, as they knowthe danger of the sturdy cur-rents and whirlpools in greatrivers, rarely try to crossfrom shore to shore, contentingthemselves by swimming closeto the banks downstream. Youngsters,and grown-up peopletoo, are fond of playing practicaljokes. If they locate a dead snake they cannot resist the fun of placing it, coiled as ifalive, in grass close to a path. They watch withdelight the sudden stop and speedy retreat of thosewho, coming along the path, see the dangerousreptile. Often a lady, generating a detour toiavoid the snake, finds the laughing young children crouch-ing behind bushes. As a rule she is not angry, but,after enjoying the joke against herself, squats downamong them to get pleasure from the fun, waiting with themuntil the practical joke has been successfully playedon some one particular else.

Text Appearing After Image:
DRAWING OF A BUFFALOBY A SHAN SCHOOLBOY. CHAPTER V YOUNG Men AND MAIDENS A Shan boy is deemed to have reached manhoodwhen he has been tattooed. Until he has enoughcourage to endure the painful and trying operationhis status is that of a kid. Plucky boys might betattooed as early as twelve years old, but a lot more oftenthey wait till they are fourteen. Shans probablylearned this custom from the Burmans, as the Siamese,who are so closely associated to them, tattoo themselvesvery slightly, or not at all. Shan men are alwaystattooed sometimes only one leg has its bluedecorations, but the rule is to tattoo each legs fromwaist to knee, the thighs being completely coveredwith an elaborate style in dark blue. This orna-mentation does not often end at the knees, butmay be continued to the ankles. The backs of boysare seldom tattooed, though patterns on the backfrom the waist to the shoulders, at times in blue,a lot more typically in red, are added from time to time. Theleg designs are generally much m

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Cartoon Tattoos

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