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Scavenger Hunt 101 finished
Cat Tattoos

Image by Judy **
1. Boat with out a motor, two. Residence of a non-human creature, three. A flag other than your native country’s, 4. Waterfall, 5. Rain, six. Winter, 7. A puddle, 8. An abandoned constructing/ruin, 9. A junk auto, ten. An extravagant food, 11. A handmade for sale sign, 12. A cliche, 13. An individual wearing polka dots, 14. A locally owned shop (non-chain), 15. A toy, 16. A cat, 17. Fire, 18. A child laughing, 19. Inside a foreign food restaurant, 20. A beach, 21. A flying machine, 22. Your bed, 23. A flower, 24. A map, 25. An extravagant drink, 26. A car with a flat tire, 27. A reside efficiency, 28. An absurd predicament, 29. A motorcycle, 30. A person possessing a negative hair day, 31. Sunset, 32. Spring, 33. A locally owned restaurant (non-chain), 34. A police car, 35. Your Vacuum or Broom, 36. Somebody meditating or praying, 37. A function of art, 38. A national vacation celebration (a holiday that celebrates a nation, such as 4th of July or Canada Day), 39. Your favourite meals, 40. Fall/Autumn, 41. A person you really like, 42. A tattoo, 43. A sporting occasion, 44. A knick-knack / bric-a-brac, 45. A fish, 46. An ambulance, 47. A place of worship, 48. The tallest developing in your town/village/city, 49. Your favored colour, 50. Someplace you really feel uncomfortable, 51. A commercial truck, 52. Graffiti, 53. An insect or arachnid, 54. A stamp, 55. A person with bare feet, 56. A bookshelf, 57. Some thing that represents your country or area, 58. Income, 59. A billboard/sign, 60. A bridge, 61. The utilization of an alternative energy supply, 62. A public show of affection, 63. A kitchen appliance, 64. A water supply, 65. A bicycle, 66. A dog, 67. Barbequed or grilled food, 68. One thing rusty, 69. A beast of burden, 70. Construction equipment, 71. Summer season, 72. A fire engine, 73. Sunrise, 74. Food developing, 75. Your most comfortable place to sit, 76. Wind, 77. Wrinkles, 78. A musical instrument, 79. An exotic animal (use your judgment), 80. Your preferred hade-tree, 81. The spot exactly where you bathe, 82. A statue, 83. Your camera, 84. The location where you consume most your meals, 85. Your favourite pastime/hobby/interest, 86. A shadow, 87. An fascinating sky, 88. A license plate, 89. A tool, 90. A road sign, 91. One thing dirty (as in a &quotwhite horse fell in the mud&quot not sexual), 92. Something clean (as in &quotit got washed off again&quot not sexual), 93. A train, 94. An intriguing or uncommon rock, 95. A targeted traffic signal/a visitors control device, 96. An exciting view, 97. A approach of communication, 98. Your favourite write-up of clothes, 99. A youngster crying, one hundred. A funny hat, 101. A self portrait (need to be final submission)

Cat Tattoos

Image by Phlogiston
No calorie meals coloring. Careful with this thing for it has the staining power of 10 cats in the hat. No kidding. One particular drop on your hand and it will fade slower than a tattoo. Formica (r) is not its buddy. Also banned in 56 countries and by the Geneva convention (no, not actually, but nonetheless be cautious)

This a single is red, only because it occurred to sit there on the counter.