Some cool Celtic Tattoos pictures:

Internet 2.0’s The Celtic Tree of Life
Celtic Tattoos

Image by glennharper
Gregor Hohpe of Google presenting the original Web two. Celtic Tree of Life.

This represents the ecosystem of customer generated content exactly where the business is the trunk and core of the neighborhood. Without having the organization, the content and community would not exist. The roots represent the suppliers/producers who generate the content and metadata that the shoppers/distributors are searching for. This is a feedback loop that creates the community. As this ecosystem grows, the branches and roots spread out creating the longtail as shown in red just under the tree.

Also notice the smaller sized trees of life in the center of the trunk. These represent other ecosystems in which bigger and smaller sized communities exist.

I am excited to see an outstanding graphic that represents a new way of expanding businesses and communities. Appear for it on a t-shirt near you and a tattoo if you are actually committed to this philosophy.