A handful of good Cherry Tattoos pictures I located:

2008 in photos
Cherry Tattoos

Image by the queen of subtle
row 1:
overhead in key west
matt at a tequila factory in mexico
hoodlums at the doomtree show at grand old day
my new automobile, orange derek
closing ceremonies at the breast cancer 3-day, st paul
matt’s parents celebrating his mom’s birthday

row two:
our christmas tree
spoon bridge and cherry, minneapolis
matt at the election celebration
wendy on the costa mediterranea as we left fort lauderdale
statue on the malecon on puerto vallarta
rage against the machine during the republican national convention in minneapolis

row three:
on the beach in mexico
binion’s horseshoe in vegas
sunset more than the ocean in mexico
matt on our balcony on the cruise ship
wendy and rick at the otter
camping in wisconsin

row 4:
klein and matt at mikey’s wedding
in the swimming pool in puerto vallarta
me, steve, colleen, and matt in las vegas
essential west
on the beach in mexico
goose at the state fair

row five:
my newest tattoo
at the pool in mexico
hoodlums at moondance jam
the pool at our resort in puerto vallarta
wendy in cozumel (one particular of the greatest images i’ve ever taken)
the gophers at the final five, st paul

row six:
matt drinking c-ice in mexico
matt on a dune buggy
lights at el paraiso in minneapolis
matt and mr toast
our awesome bowling team
mitchell, south dakota

Cherry Tattoos

Image by metalkpirate1day
this tattoo artist:
copied this poster:

AND offered this disclaimer:
i can’t email you photos of my clients’ custom function so that you can take it to an additional artist to have it accomplished. It is not fair to the individuals who spend to get tattooed by me.