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Thirteen Items – 1
Dog Tattoos

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Today’s group on Flickr Group Roulette asks us to list &quotthirteen things about you.&quot I created up a list of 27, intending to choose the top 13. Right after running the list previous a few people, they urged me to reveal all 27. So be it!

This is the initial list. The second will come following I freeze my butt on my new (to me) bike.

1. I have never ever lived alone

2. I grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan. (Yes, my dad worked at Kellogg’s)

three. I went to Michigan State University, the ideal college in Michigan. I only applied to it and the Coast Guard Academy (where I was also accepted).

4. I lived for 5 years in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.

5. I now live in Houston, Texas

6. I have two children, a boy and a girl. They are each in high college and live with their mother.

7. I utilised to sail dinghies till I went to college. I held the sailing club’s Sun Fish trophy a single year, and the Laser trophy the next. My partner and I sailed in the Globe Rhodes Bantum International Championship and won the youth division.

8. My preferred issue to do as a kid was function on my uncle’s farm. I liked bailing hay and slopping the pig barns most of all. In fact, I liked driving the dune buggy ideal.

9. I learned to drive on a tractor. I could put a three-pt hitch inside a quarter inch.

10. I have found that drinking an IPA is a single of the finest pleasures in life.

11. My favourite authors are W.E.B. Griffin and Lilian Jackson Braun. Tom Clancy is pretty very good too.

12. My favorite campground is Dog Canyon, in the Guadalupe National Park. That’s in Texas, but you can only get there by auto through New Mexico. The attraction for me is the absolute darkness and quiet.

13. I don’t have any tattoos… but.

Hope you enjoyed this list. The subsequent might or may possibly not be far more revealing. :)