A few nice Dolphin Tattoos photos I located:

Riding the waves
Dolphin Tattoos

Image by Tattooed JJ
Better on B l a c k M a g i c

Todays challenge on www.photochallenge.org/ was &quotwaves&quot Which is kind of fortunate after my shot for yesterdays challenge made some think about replacing there Toasters LOL

Fairly busy with final items these days so no likelihood to attempt and get to the sea, but then remembered i have very a handful of Dolphin ornaments numerous of which have waves so went with a shot of this one, which in component in fact inspired my largest Tattoo which in on my left reduced leg

Have a good weekend,

not certain how considerably I will be capable toget on flickr over the next week but will attempt and get on occassionally

pair of dolphins
Dolphin Tattoos

Image by ellesil
temporary tattoo, Royal Easter Show, 2003