Some cool Dragon Tattoos pictures:

SL Outfit 5/28/07
Dragon Tattoos

Image by Juushika Redgrave
In the game Second Life, I play the avatar Juushika Redgrave.

Shirt: Amplify by Refuge (worn without having ruffle)
Skirt: Skirtdress Moss Skirt by DirtChild
Shoes: Lollies – Olive by Shiny Factors

Eyes: Shy Jade Eyes by Sin Skins
Skin: Mature Freckled Sultry Plain Nimbus by Sin Skins
Hair: Digit – Carrot by Diversity Hair (tinted)

Physique Tattoo: Striped Neko by Etchd
Chest Tattoo: Star Trail Chest Tat by Digital Dragon Designs
Necklace: Knotted Beat Strand, Mother of Pearl by Shiny Issues (tinted) (GNubie freebie)
Bracelet: Leather Plate Wristband (Black) by ETD
Anklet: Basic Chains by BroGear (modified)
Glasses: Kelly by Persenickety
Collar: Amethyst Collar (Slim) by Amethyst
Whiskers: A lot Black Whiskers by Gritty Kitty
Neko Parts: Anisa’s Neko Ears and Tail by Anisa @ OTCR (ears modded to incorporate Industrial piercing by DEEKS)