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302 || 365 Heritage
Eagle Tattoos

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You can by no means change where you come from, your roots, it is part of who you are, it can define you and creates the character inside your personality.

The Germans are stated to be orderly, thorough, and loyal. They are masters of organization and detail, although nevertheless becoming intensively inventive and never idle.

Scots are rugged, untamed, and fiercely independent. Whilst they did technically come from barbarians, and the Romans constructed a wall across the English continent in 122 A.D. to keep them out, they grew to really like their homeland and stand for their personal principles.

So I am a fiercely loyal and creative person, who can be stubborn whilst mildly OCD and rugged.

Great luck with this one, I am a handful…

One more Classic Tat
Eagle Tattoos

Image by Bart Heird
Located on the arm of a former sailor. An completely beautiful instance of the old style.