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Ride a white swan
Eagle Tattoos

Image by rod amaru 
&quotRide it on out like a bird in the sky approaches
Ride it on out like you have been a bird
Fly it all out like an eagle in a sunbeam
Ride it on out like you had been a bird

Put on a tall hat like a druid in the old days
Wear a tall hat and a tattooed gown
Ride a white swan like the folks of the Beltane
Put on your hair extended, babe, you can`t go wrong&quot

Eagle Tattoos

Image by Elvert Barnes
Broon, Looky and Lee . Dupont Circle, NW . WDC . Sunday afternoon, 23 April 2006

Dupopnt Circle – Street Musicians
Elvert Xavier Barnes Photography
Sunday Photo Walk . Dupont Circle WDC . 23 April 2006
Elvert Xavier Barnes Photography . Writings . Advertisements

The weather turned out to be considerably much better than what had been forcasted. According to the morning reports and right after virtually two days of heavy rain … more heavy rain was to have begun in between 3 and four PM, this afternoon.

Wanting to get some Sunday photo shots ahead of the rain had arrived I’d head out of SW WDC apartment shortly after 12 noon. Not too sure of had been I was heading but hoping to get some IMF-WB images and, perhaps, some Leather Weekend as effectively as Cherry people milling about, in the streets, I’d take the green line to Gallery Place, transfer to the red line and deboard the subway at Farragut North. Walk down Connecticut Avenue, along the west side of MacPherson Park, turn left onto I Street and proceed west to 19th Street, turn left, walk down to Pennsylvania Avenue and postion myself straight across the street from the IMF-WB complicated.

Suprised that there have been no protests visable (apparently, the rain have to have kept them away) I’d began to take shots of some of the police. But not the type of up-close shots that I generally take of police, at protests and demonstrations. Cop Duty is one of my favored and most proliferic themes. I’ve not too long ago noticed my name listed on the web amongst numerous search engines that seek police images.

In the approach of photographing scenarios in proximity of the IMF-WB complex I would also take photographs of some of the homeless males in Edward R. Murrow Park and a ‘man at work’ who was installing a glass door, in 1 of the new office buildings on H street, across from the park. Right after taking a number of pictrures, he’d ask that I not take anymore. To which I would comply.

I’d then walk down 18th Street in between two buildings that are connected with the IMF-WB complex and take photographs of the trucks that have been stratigically parked beween Pennsylvania Avenue and G Street so as to block the streets from any vehicular attacks.

At 18th and F Street I’d observe a group of policeman on the southwest corner. At which I’d stand, acorss the street, on the southeast corner and snap a series of pictures focusing on their boots. And a single particular white male policeman that had tattoos on his arms. Tattos are amongst my favorite and most prolifiric themes.

I’d then head east on F Street toward the Old Execvutive Building, turn left onto 17th Street and head north in the direction of Pennsylvania Avenue. Along the way I’d capture two latino ‘men at work’ as they washed windows in the Liberty Plaza courtyard.

Since Men At Operate is one more of my favorite themes, from an historic viewpoint, one particular of the things that a lot of of images will reveal, years later, is that several of the ‘men at work’ that I have captured in WDC have been latino immigrants.

At F Street on the northwest side I’d take numerous photographs of a group of young Eurropeans that have been standing ata table at a single of the cafes.

I’d turn appropriate onto Pennsylvania Avenue en route to 1600 and take photographs of the Blair House and a young man sitting on a bench or planter in front of the Old Executive Building who was employing his lap top. In the approach of street photography, folks employing their lap tops or speaking on the cell phone have been 1 of my favored themes. When taking the photos of the Blair Property and the white male utilizing his laptop I’d observe the grooup of young Europeans walking behind and, of course, photographing me.

I truly don’t have a dilemma with people photogrphing me candidly as extended as they do not make it a practice to comply with me through the streets and phtograph me photographing. Which is really a type of policing and overseeing. If I and they take place upon each other and we take images of every single other and continue on that is a single point. But, as a black male photographer, I never like it when people makd it a practice to figure out where I am heading and then will comply with or proceed me there and then take images of me taking photographs. Which, as a black male, several folks think that they have the correct to do. Which they do not.

Just before reaching the center of the block, which would have been 11600 Peennsylvania Avenue, I’d cross Penssylvania Avenue and enter Lafayette Park from the southwest corner. And in the process of walking across the park I’d snap a couple of shots of people sitting on benches in the park.

At the center of the park, in directly of the General Layfayette stature i’d observe a man who was painting andd/or promoting tee-shirts. I’d hurry over and take a few images in the course of which time an Asiman park policeman would approach the man and inform him that he could not do what ever it was that he was ddoing, in Lafayette Park. Which is also know as Peace Park.

I woulkd then make a decision to head back residence but in the procedure either stop by the hotel on New Jersey Avenue exactly where the Leather events were becoming held or detoru towards the DC Eagel which is exactly where they might would congregate … in hopes of acquiring some shots of leather folks millling about in the street.
UN Construction . 28 Could 2006
Realizing that the weather was considerably better than anticipated i decided to step drop via Dupont Circle prior to returning to the DC Eagle, in hopes of capturing some of the Leather stuff. Getting into the circle from the south side I’d observe 3 males musicians practicing in the exact same area that I had photographed them just before onme other time before, in September 2005, on the same day or day following I had gotten my new digital camera.

I walk onto the grassy lawn straight behind them, seperated by the buushes,anbd began taking pictures. One of the ree white guys mentioned ‘there’s that crazy black man, again’ taking photos of us. Whilesnapping, I’d respond I’m not crazy.

When I go to Dupont Circle or most places that I go, people will say ‘that crazy black man’. He is not the first particular person, in Dupont Circle, or in my life or at function have made that misdiagnosis of me. Virtually every time that I visit Dupont Circle somebody makes a similar remark to or about me. Some of the black guys call me a punk. Or ‘crack addict.

I am not crazy, nor am I drug addict. But that is specifically what America ad house negroes wish to belive and project on to me. So, if they lied about drugs and addiction, pertaining to me, is not reasonable tho believe that they lied about me being crazy.,

Crazy black man. I had a short conversation with a person yesterday about the word nigger. Which he said that he does not uise it and never like hearing it. I would say I tiny situation about the word then my concersn for how I’m treated. I mentioned a lot of a white and black people proclainm to by no means use that word. However, whey spendtheir entiore time, pertaining to me associatinjmg m,e woithdrugs anddciton.

When white people or residence negros associate druigs and addiction to black guys, successfully, they’ll calling black males crazy. And, but, it has been my expereince that it has been nmy white counterpart that have been on drugs, alcohol and who act crazy.

Take for instance the truth that most of the white men whop have every single approached me approached me about drugs. Not simply because I had drugs or was an addict but simply because their approaching me for drugs was connected to their appropriate to do drugs and when they do drugs or strategy blck me nfor drugs though it is the center of their lives they will then destroy everything in teh black man’s life supopoosedly becaise of his conenctiuons to to drugs. Nonbe of which istrue or fasctuial. If that is not crazy, what in the fuick is it.

It was crazy for my white freiuends to come onto my jon or into my hime pretenind a single thing buty they wre on drugs or had the right do drugs …