A few good Eye Tattoos images I located:

3rd floor boy.
Eye Tattoos

Image by burr0ughs

Eye Tattoos

Image by Ella’s Dad
Model: Jon.

My initial ever model shoot. Taken on one particular of the club nights of the Imagez Camera Club. Disappointed that most of my shots had been out of focus, but then I am obtaining troubles with my camera at the moment (Hint: If anybody desires to get me an EOS400D or 40D, then they’re more than welcome!)

Strobist (I’m new at this): two Interfit lights, softbox @ eye-level on appropriate as fill (about 1/4-1/two energy). Light (with reflector hood) slightly above eye-level on left.

Strobes triggered by on-board flash (thoughtfully covered by my finger!)

Becky K in Red Ankh
Eye Tattoos

Image by dollen
Becky k at CamRen Studios in Denver for Red Ankh Clothing. I enjoy her tattoos. Quite attractive.