Some cool Eye Tattoos pictures:

comparison contrast (shape/skin experiment partnership)
Eye Tattoos

Image by AlterEgoTrip Svenska
Ok right here I am on the test grid tweeking a project I just began, neglecting my eye experienments…properly not genuinely

I finally had no problems with a 32 bit TGA file, but then once more, being so employed to using PNG format I failed to make spot for the Linden Labs default eyebrow point going on.. the outcome last evening was a DOUBLE eyebrow, my tweeking on it this morning has resulted in much thicker eyebrows, acquiring closer to my purpose, which was thicker, but far more MOBILE eyebrow shape.. I wanted thicker eyebrows anyway, and this is closest to my purpose, but nonetheless I would like the height to be far more.. if only just slightly.. and I must have saved the lip from my prior experiment simply because it had greater tone high quality.

The far left corner is One more Skin’s Le series make up with dark eyes I can not recall if it was &quotenvy&quot or was it &quotwrath&quot the identical skin tone template was utilized so I didn’t have to go into physique details this time, as I only wanted the face.. and the darker make up (for me to be used as a sort of Default comparison) was far more towards the goal I had in thoughts.

I was making a portrait primarily based upon a hair colour model on a package of Blåsvart colour.. (blue black).. her nose is distinct from the common noses I see in media and marketing and her dark thick eyebrow produced her look very fairly and distinctive with her light skin and hazel eyes.. (I utilised my Silver series &quotLucky Bambu&quot small eye as a resonable replacement although I have several versions of Hazel peppering up my collections)

The lip could be a bit lighter but there my intent was to shape it a lot more, as properly as the shadow trimmed off the nose and placed in a various way.. on the sides.. as nicely as the blush, moving it and erasing some of it so that it as well would be in the identical placement as the model I was functioning from..

Above beside the untouched LE skin I show that you just easy replace the skin tattoo for the face.. and save your experiement below a distinct file name..(not save but save AS).
a little nose tweeking with the new skin, proved to create the shape I wanted.. without having the distortion which is shown in the two frames above.

Just thought I would share my experiementing, hope you located it fascinating.