A couple of nice Eye Tattoos photos I identified:

Eye Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
Model – Elizabeth
Year Taken – April 2013
Camera – Nikon D800E
Lens – Nikon 85mm f/1.4G
Location – Studio


Do you know that its truly achievable to function with somebody also fairly? This is Elizabeth and when I met her today, I was certain that I wouldnt get a single shot that was as pretty as she truly is. She is 19 years old and has such all-natural beauty that she comes pre-Photoshopped and in all honesty, it tends to make life tougher! Some models you look at and you know what will suit them, what wont, and you function to that. You hide their flaws, you emphasise their beauty and you bring out the greatest of them and afterwards, you can look back and feel proud of your self. With Elizabeth, it doesnt matter what angle you shoot, what f-quit, what lighting – she looks excellent, and I dont like that :). The other annoying thing to take into account is she isnt even a model, she is a make-up artist!!!


Boudoir scenes are quite limited in how they can be set up, as you have to make the light soft and as close to organic light as attainable. As a result, softboxes are the only real choice and simply because you do not want a lot shadow, you have to use two. This setup is completed employing a softbox just to my proper, acting as the fill light (simply to lift shadow that would fall on her breasts and the outdoors of her legs) and a key soft box light directly to the left of the image. This illuminates the scene mainly. Both are above her and angle down so they illuminate the scene as if the light was coming from the exact same angle as a window.


None to be sincere. I ever so slightly blurred the background as I was limited for dof shooting at f8.

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