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The roof slips beneath my feet[Day187]*
Eye Tattoos

Image by Chapendra
One more Sunday passes me by or one more week comes to close.

Psst, never tell the Grandparents I was up right here, my Grandpa would laugh and Grandma would freak out. She [was] the Grandma that had only let me have two inches of water in my bath, until I was at least 14. Grandpa is quite old school in his methods, as NO One operates on Sunday. Maybe a few odd jobs that Need to be completed right now but nothing that can’t be carried out tomorrow, the next day or next week. Like watering the flowers, can not be avoided for the day. Once more, another day of laziness which for me is a love hate relationship. I enjoy to be lazy, relaxed and mellow yet I enjoy to be adventurous, up and active. I took a 4 hour nap when I genuinely just wanted to rest my eyes until it didn’t appear to be a complete blur.

I didn’t nap here, I just laid for a handful of minutes. I’d really like this spot if you could see the sky but when you look up, you see rotting wood from the deck above. Now I blink and commence to wonder exactly where the rest of the afternoon early evening will lead.

I feel I could mainly glad that the high signal wifi requires I sit outside as it provides me yet another excuse to leach onto some vitamin D!

Twitpic of the day: Err99. This is how my other dslr died! But I believe that it was just the little battery inside the battery door, once again as replacing that fixed it. Or my batteries [principal ones] are just not holding very the charge they employed to do.

Bonus: Me and my Dad’s birthday align in a way that our last digit is constantly the very same. He turned 50 this year, I turn 20. I discover it to be neat as I like numerology, right here and there.