A handful of nice Eye Tattoos images I discovered:

Hot Water Bottle Inflation
Eye Tattoos

Image by matthetube
Lollapalooza, 1992. Interesting to see whether audience members choose to cover their eyes or their ears…

Paul Lawrence on keyboards. At that time he had only one tiny tattoo, and called himself &quotSlug&quot, implying that he would be prepared to eat slugs… Later he was covered in puzzle-piece shaped tattoos, and known as himself &quotThe Enigma&quot.

Photo courtesy Jan Gregor


wild hair
Eye Tattoos

Image by inacentaurdump

Skin: .:RIO:. Gina . Neutral . Red . Faint Metal
Eyes: [IC-eyes] Ezaret Eyes :: Original
Jacket: B@R Hell Fire Lady Black
Hair: [rQ] Shy~Noir
Silk &quotundies&quot: [rQ]underwear~LEATHER and [rQ]legRight~leather
Tattoo: B@R Kokuryu Tattoo
Footwear: *Alg.* Rubber Boots