A couple of good Eye Tattoos pictures I identified:

Eye Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
Gemma is only 18 years old, but currently an incredible model. I got to perform with her back in October and we only had an hour or so to grab whatever we could. She is a very quiet girl, but oozes self-assurance in front of the camera, as if she has been performing this forever.

We started off with some easy portraits and quickly moved into the realms of subtle glamour and artistic topless. Even although she shows absolutely nothing of herself, she really does make the photos interesting and sexy at the very same time.

The lighting was mainly accomplished with a single soft box positioned to the appropriate (as you appear at the image), with a hair light illuminating from above her. A couple of the photos were rim-lit with a pair of tall and thin softboxes.

For the pictures on the white background, the lighting was a single spotlight pointed at her tummy from the appropriate of my position.

Hope you appreciate her photos.