A couple of good Eye Tattoos images I found:

Emma – Organic Light
Eye Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
During my current shoot with Emma, it was decided somehow that we would do a couple of pictures out of the studio in the kitchen. Dont ask why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. So, standing in the middle of the kitchen, clad in practically nothing but her lingerie, we did our best to get some organic light shots.

Due to there becoming no studio lighting, I was able to shoot this at 1.4, which is fantastic for nailing a shallow depth of field, awful for receiving accurate focus. Lenses carry out far better about their mid range aperture (f8 – f11 for most), so in studios we set the lighting to about this figure. Shooting at f/1.4 brings in the situation of soft images which, in some methods add to the image, in some approaches detract. Go the other way and shoot at silly f16 or f22 and you get diffraction, exactly where the person photons collide while trying to cram through a very small hole and get all out of synch and angry with every other.

Anyway, apart from a little cloning to remove some imperfections (yes, she has them), this is straight out of the camera. Hope you all like.

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Meet Emma. She is half Indian, quarter Pakistani, and absolutely breathtaking. She is almost certainly, to my thoughts, the most lovely model I have worked with and taking portraits of her was definitely wonderful.

We spent all day with each other, functioning on some intense portraits, some candid boudoir and lingerie photos and a tiny bit of style. I think she has an enchanting aura about her and I cant wait to edit more photographs :).


As I stated, this was shot under all-natural lighting so there is a big window to the proper of the photo – and thats it :).