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SL Outfit eight/24/07
Eye Tattoos

Image by Juushika Redgrave
In the game Second Life, I play the avatar Juushika Redgrave.

This outfit emerged out of a wish to break from the conservative/classy outfits I’ve been wearing lately and go for one thing a bit far more colorful/Fruitsy/fun. It really is also, I guarantee, my final time wearing this hair (from Cake) for a even though. I did have a lot of enjoyable with it. The undershirt is a leotard freebue from PixelDolls–it comes pink and I tinted it purple. The corset layered more than the best is an however no-mod cincher from Naughty (I’d like to shorten the length of the garter straps when layering). The skirt is from Final Contact, and has been retired–I like the appear of a lighter silver skirt to hold the outfit from obtaining as well dark. Socks are from Celestial Studios (underwear layer) and from the new releases by Canimal (socks layer) and could well be my favourite component of this outfit–though I wish the seams on the Canimal socks have been a bit much less visible.

The open back to the leotard was just begging for a back tattoo, so I picked this a single from LAME. The wrist cuffs from ETD hide the unfinished sleeves on the leotard due to the fact yes, specifics like that bother me. Finally, I went with bigger glasses with a bit more character to match the look–this pair is Monica, from Persenickety as always.

Undershirt: Leotard Set, Longsleeve: Pink by PixelDolls (freebie) (tinted)
Corset: Attractive Cincher by Naughty
Skirt: Proper Said Kilt (mini) by Final Call (retired)
Bottom Socks: Lulu Star Leggies – Black by Celestial Studios
Prime Socks: Mismatched Old Socks (Stripes White/Grey) by Canimal
Footwear: Laceup Boot – Black by Shiny Things

Eyes: Eyes – Peridot (Huge) by Miriel
Skin: (Mature) Freckled Navy Shimmer Nimbus by Sin Skins
Manicure: Glitter Manicure Black by Sin Skins
Hair: Europa – Copper by Cake (tinted)

Tattoo: Wingies by LAME
Arm Band: Leather Arm Bow by Sabix
Bracelets: Leather Plate Wristband (Black) by ETD
Piercing: Double Lip &amp Spike Labret by Deeks (modded) (tinted)
Glasses: Monica by Persenickety
Collar: Amethyst Collar (Slim) by Amethyst
Whiskers: Plenty Black Whiskers by Gritty Kitty
Neko Components: Anisa’s Neko Ears and Tail by Anisa @ OTCR (ears modded to contain Industrial piercing by DEEKS)

lightning vests
Eye Tattoos

Image by Allegory Malaprop
Vestday is upon us again! This time a vest to go with zig the bunbit, hya’s lightning armwarmers, and my lightning leggings and socks. And an additional vest because zig was Nearly these colours as an alternative, since, well. Now you know he really is named soon after who you believed he was.

hya’s hair by Clawtooth, horns by Half-Deer at The Arcade appropriate now, bra by Luxuria (don’t know the skin), pose by ZZANG

my makeup by Fallen Gods, pose by Imperial Elegance

our tattoos&amparmwarmers by ~silentsparrow~ our necklaces, her bodysuit, her eye star, my undies/hair/ears by Schadenfreude