A couple of nice Eye Tattoos pictures I discovered:

Face – woman with red hair and tattooed throat
Eye Tattoos

Image by GregPC

Mandy’s 3rd eye tattoo
Eye Tattoos

Image by .imelda
mandy’s 3rd eye tattoo

thesixtyone.com road sign
Eye Tattoos

Image by brett gullborg
a macro i took of my personal left eye making use of my bathroom mirror (i necessary to see the LCD display with my proper eye to compose it), then ran an ‘Aged Photo’ filter on it in Adobe Lightroom.

i utilised thesixtyone.com’s B+W logo, changed it to red+white, spherized it to fit the contour of my eye, copied the logo twice and changed the layers to Overlay for the reflective, see-thru-the-logo impact.