A couple of nice Eye Tattoos images I found:

Eye Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
Model – Elizabeth
Year Taken – November 2013
Camera – Nikon D800E
Lens – Nikon 85mm f/1.eight D
Location – Studio


Yep, this honestly is Elizabeth. She has dyed her hair brunette and Ive got to admit, it suits her. Before, she was bleached blond and despite the fact that she looked extraordinary, she now looks far better.

So, we met at the studio and I could not think how her appear had transformed because I last worked with her. I wanted to capture as significantly organic style photography as possible, trying to make the images appear as candid as I could. So, I whacked the ISO up to anything stupid and place a soft, film lens on the D800e. This gave the pictures a sort of organic really feel that makes, in my opinion, the viewer really feel like they are there. I was there of course and so far Im the only viewer, so possibly Im talking shit! Anyway, I like the softness and the grain from the higher ISO, and I consider this adds an element of mystery.

There is no studio lighting employed at all, just a window to the left that was letting via a modicum of light that brought her body to life. She really is as well pretty to photography. She is a single of the most lovely girls Ive ever met and in some techniques, this makes life tougher. Its difficult to make Liz look different, as wherever you stand, she looks amazing.