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The Seasons Hunt
Eye Tattoos

Image by Jupiter Firelyte
Leading: Pig
Blush tattoo layer: duboo
Boots: duboo
Pose: flowey
Hair: Lamb (not in the hunt)
Nail polish: Vextra (not in the hunt)
Skin: Urban Girl (not in the hunt)
Bracelet: Kosh (not in the hunt)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (not in the hunt)
Jeans: friday (not in the hunt)
WindLight: Coastal Sunset
Location: Gulf of Lune
Viewer: Linden Lab v2

Eye Tattoos

Image by maureen_sill
i know i by no means told you this but when i was younger i utilized to be in a gang
you showed me the tattoo on your leg that they gave you
you stated you were fifteen and they held you down whilst they did it
the smallest one particular kneeled on your chest
you stated you were going to burn it off with a metal spoon and a blowtorch someday
because that is not you, and it was by no means actually you
your wife produced me dinner
your son sat on my lap and played with my hair
your wife gave me a cigarette and i felt weird smoking although your son was there
your wife mentioned do not worry i do it all the time
i went outside and smoked and then came back in and that is when
you said, you know that boy you spent last weekend with for your project, ameen?
yeah, what about him
his brother was in the gang too
oh, he did not mention him, i asked him about his siblings and he just mentioned he had a younger sister and a younger brother
his older brother was stabbed twenty seven occasions, he even got stabbed in his face, he died in front of their apartment where you often sit at dusk
they did it twenty seven times trigger the enemy gang is named &quotthe 27’s&quot
oh my god
ameen was sixteen when it occurred
he’s seventeen now
yeah, that was earlier this year
he never ever described him
have been they close
he didn’t even mention him
did he mention his dad
ok, good
he told me about what happened to his dad
yeah that was a while ago
i wonder why he didn’t inform me about his brother? he told me about a lot of other stuff
properly little ones do not really speak about their troubles to every single other
why not
simply because they all have the very same issues
yeah, me and my friends do as well but we nonetheless talk about it
hmm that’s odd
i guess
is it just understood that absolutely everyone has to deal with this sort of issue
yeah, it really is regular
i thought about how this is definitely not typical to me
and about the difficulties of my brother becoming, i cannot find a job
versus, your brother becoming stabbed in the face
this is ridiculous
i cannot even really write about this
i stared off into space pondering about warren and you stated
never be concerned, they will not hurt you, you happen to be not involved in it, you have practically nothing to be concerned about
why can’t i be concerned about other people
when a muslim dies in the bo-kaap, all muslims carry his physique to their parents
and give them their body
due to the fact he or she is their muslim brother
even if they were enemies in life
i stated that tends to make no sense, if they did not care adequate to not kill them in the first spot
and i am trying to be culturally sensitive
but that tends to make no fucking sense
if i was at home i would have stated that makes no fucking sense
yeah, he mentioned, it doesn’t
it actually does not
two days in bo-kaap and two in langa
the youngsters in observatory inform me, be cautious in langa, they’re going to fuck you up and steal your shit, what the hell are you going to the ghetto for
the ghetto? fuck off
close your eyes, believe about bongani and the guys who have walked me house, the guys who have come up to me in the dark at evening
the gentlemen of a township
and i’ve been scared of them simply because folks inform me to be scared of them
and then under a street light they ask, &quothey, are you okay girl? let me walk you house&quot
and then the only time something remotely questionable takes place is in the &quotsafe&quot neighborhood, in obs
well, alright.
fourteen and fifteen year old little ones smoking crystal meth
even in the middle of the day
you want some?
not now thanks
vuyo looks at me on the corner by langa liquor and says, do you want to get fucking killed, put your fucking camera away maureen, there is gangsters more than there
fuck, i’m sorry, i did not see them
properly they saw you! you are so ridiculous, you trust folks so significantly, you can not fucking do that
i am sorry
you are white, you can’t be fuckin’ performing that right here
i know, i’m sorry
i know this project signifies a lot to you but fucking seriously watch out… did you at least get the shot then