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Hipster Passes Out ~ Becomes Human Graffiti
Eye Tattoos

Image by Viewminder
You really do not wanna pass out on the sidewalk in Wicker Park soon after drinking.

Something that doesn’t move for three minutes there becomes graffiti’d.

Looks like ‘Super G’ did the guys nails… gave him a tattoo and a small bit of eye liner!

Then ‘Super G’ signed the sidewalk in front of the guy just to make positive that absolutely everyone knew who the artist was.

‘Super G’… you happen to be a badass!

It really is negative adequate wakin’ up with amnesia… but wonderin’ exactly where you got your nails done and what the hell you happen to be undertaking with paint marker eyeliner and that new tattoo that seems to say ‘owned one’… nicely… somebody’s in for a rough day.

That was some party!