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Outfit 7/11/07
Eye Tattoos

Image by Juushika Redgrave
In the game Second Life, I play the avatar Juushika Redgrave.

Playing with skins once again… This one particular is a demo from the Consume Me line by the creator of Hybrid. (Yes, it actually is a demo–the &quotdemo&quot markings are on the forehead and upper chest.) I wore it for a day to see if I wanted to buy it… as it turns out, I really significantly do, so I will be acquiring the skin inside the subsequent day or two. ^_^

The Eat Me line has recently been expanded. There are much more makeup options (such as this one particular, which has brown eyeliner), freckle choices (as seen right here–they are a beautiful sprinkling across the cheeks), and a range of available facial markings. My preferred part of these skins is the mouth, which is full with out getting exaggerated and has a lovely, soft all-natural gloss. The shading is beautiful all through, and perhaps very best of all is that the skins are a quite reasonable 650L every single. Go verify them out at the new Glass Earth place. ^_^

As for the rest of the outfit… I purchased this hair solely to cover the eyebrows of the Miw skin I was wearing before, but as it turns out–I love it, and am proving to have a difficult time taking it off. As soon as once more, I’ve modified the bangs to make them a tiny bit shorter. The skirt is from Bossa Nova and is a freebie. I lived in England for a year (and miss it every single day), so the &quotmind the lag&quot graphic amuses me and tends to make me much more than a tiny nostalgic. =^.^= The jeans are a trusty staple from the Difficulty series by Pixel Dolls, and the footwear are from Kimberly Casanova. Like most of her footwear, they can be tinted, so I’ve colored them black and white to match the outfit.

Shirt: May possibly the Lag (Extended) from Bossa Nova (Freebie)
Pants: Difficulty: jeans, Black by PixelDolls
Pant Liner (to prevent skin bleed): Tintable PantLeg Socks by NanoGunk
Shoes: Roffles Women’s by Kimberly Casanova Designs (tinted black and white)

Eyes: Intense Jade/Caramel Eyes by Sin Skins
Skin: F Light Fundamentals Freckles (Eyeliner) Demo by Eat Me
Manicure: Glitter Manicure Black by Sin Skins
Hair: Emi – Red by Kin (modified)

Tattoo: Polarist Top Deux 2 by InkD (modified)
Bracelet R: Heavenly Cross Bracelet (Midnight) by Encore (Totally free Dove freebie)
Bracelet L: Leather Spot Wristband (Black) by ETD
Piercing: Double Lip &amp Spike Labret by DEEKS (modified) (tinted)
Glasses: Emily by Persenickety
Collar: Amethyst Collar (Slim) by Amethyst
Whiskers: Lots Black Whiskers by Gritty Kitty
Neko Parts: Anisa’s Neko Ears and Tail by Anisa @ OTCR (ears modded to contain Industrial piercing by DEEKS)