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SMA visits Soldiers, Families
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SMA visits Soldiers, Families

By Employees Sgt. Cody Harding
Yongsan Garrison Public Affairs

YONGSAN GARRISON — Sergeant Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III visited Yongsan and Camp Humphreys with his wife, Jeanne, to be briefed on the predicament in Korea and to show help for the troops at town hall meetings on Nov. 7-eight.

On the afternoon on Nov. 7, Chandler spoke with Soldiers and Family members members at Yongsan. He said if there was a query he couldn’t answer then attendees could get a card from his aide and send the query by way of e-mail.

“My commitment to you is, I will get you an answer to that question,” Chandler said. “We will use the Army staff to get you that answer, and sometimes you may not get the answer that you want to hear. But my commitment to you is that it will be an truthful answer.”

He then talked about the future of the Army, including the drawdown of forces, the adjust in retirement and the discipline and look of the Soldiers. On retirement positive aspects, he created clear they would not modify for those serving, but that adjustments need to be made for those who have not but joined in light of the financial worries facing the nation.

“If you don’t know much about any of this stuff, like what plan you are in proper now, you had far better start off paying consideration due to the fact this will effect your bottom line,” Chandler said. “You must know. Most of this details is public access. You can go appropriate on the DFAS internet site and they’ll talk about all the different programs. You need to spend attention.”

He addressed the present standards and discipline of the forces, noting that it ties in heavily to the retention of these in the Army. In easy terms, those who commit crimes, act in an unprofessional manner or show no drive to get ahead are not going to last lengthy in the Army.

“Sergeants, this is my charge,” he stated. “If you take nothing else away from what I have to inform you right now, take this: I expect you to counsel your subordinates and aid your commanders make informed decisions about who should remain in our Army. I can come up with any policy or program in the planet, but if you are not willing to appear somebody in the eye and say ‘Chandler, you are in left field with a hockey stick saying throw me the ball,’ you are not doing your job.”

Promotions have been also was highlighted by Chandler as he noted the modifications to the method that took location not too long ago and for the future. Chandler stressed that personal improvement was now a lot more important than ever for those hunting to get ahead in the Army.

“I need to have you to comprehend that promotion is not one thing that’s offered,” Chandler explained. “It’s anything you earn.”

On Nov. eight, Chandler spoke at the Humphreys Super Health club. Topics covered had been tattoos, obesity, and downsizing.

“Explicit tattoos in visible components of the physique are not inside requirements of what a skilled Soldier is”, Chandler said. He asked Soldiers, “What image do you want to portrait as a skilled?”

He also described that although the Army is acquiring smaller sized, some of its Soldiers are not.
“The Army is 33 percent far more obese than we had been 10 years ago”, Chandler mentioned. “If your uniform is tight, then it is you, not the uniform.”

He also emphasized that the Army desires to retain the best and brightest as it plans to downsize more than the subsequent 10 years.