A handful of good Eye Tattoos pictures I found:

Ultimate DOTM ROTF Starscream
Eye Tattoos

Image by frogDNA
This is a robot mode only replica of Starscream’s look in ROTF and DOTM.

I tried to replicate each and every single detail from the CGI model, which differs greatly from the actual figure. I added tons of components on his chest, arms and legs, for that messy and sharpy Decepticon look.

I used components from other transformers and from an actual F-22 Raptor model kit. Some decals have been applied in the parts not covered by the tattoos.

All the wings from the toy had been removed and replaced with the model kit wings, for a more streamlined and actual appear.

The original canopy section was removed, because it’s not there in the film version, leaving only the canopy itself (model kit component). The whole chest section was redone employing mainly new components to get the correct appear (significantly bulkier). The middle section was resculpted to be permanently open, with a few tiny mechanical parts and wires here and there. A couple of parts have been added on his neck as nicely, which now sits at a larger position, giving Starscream a taller look.

I added a number of wires on his arms, alternatively of just paiting the sculpted ones, for a a lot a lot more realistic look.

I also added articulated fingers, and a ball joint on his right hand. Every finger has a tiny spike added, just like the CGI model has.

I added the jet engines on his back, as well.

His reduced legs have been heavily modified, with tons of new components added, to get that overlapping-transforming -panels look.

The paint job was done with several coats of diverse shades of gray and metallic enamels, for that not so shiny but still metallic look (like the actual F-22)

Starcream also comes with a removable circular saw blade and the barrel gun with &quotwings&quot added.

The final touch is on his head. I resculpted his eyes for a much more precise and meaner &quotlook&quot. Lastly, each eye has its personal LED now, and they’re visible even in day light.

# Girl’s Planet .
Eye Tattoos

Image by JAY ZHANG
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PHOTO &amp D.I by JayZhang