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You And Your Heart
Eye Tattoos

Image by dollen
Colorado Model Sara Lynn (Hi Sara!)
Yep she reads these. She is such a stalker :) So feel free of charge to flatter her in the comments.
Today’s music compliments of Heather Rivers (she has no concept but she clearly stated that she is quite busy and not to be bothered with small items. You need to even so check out her Flickr. These geeky girls take extremely unique pictures.
But wait.. There are more heathers in my random finds right now. This one particular even so is a lot more of a hhhtttttrrrrr. She is on the letter C of a what appears to be a children’s book. Fascinating stuff really. Creative girls rock! just enjoy followers and checking out their music tastes. Paris… I was completely surprised by your music selections..
So, I never know about you but I hate reading. It tires me to no finish and makes my eyes water like a sprinkler. But.. I have identified a way to enjoy literature. All you have to do is discover a hot sounding Australian girl to read it to you. It is wonderful truly and so is Ms Epic.
I think it is been like ten days considering that I’ve posted something. There have been a lot of concerns/comments in that time.. my favs this week:
Q: &quotHow usually do you shoot?&quot
A: Less than you would think. I am nevertheless posting photos from the last shoot with Sara and that was a lengthy lengthy time ago. Possibly as soon as every two months (Dollen hot chick stuff)… lame I know. Sara is difficult to book time with. She is all well-known now.
Comment: if you ever need help….
A: We get a lot of this.. but we do reach out to some of the locals when we need a person to hold a fan or oil a girl up.
Happy… whatever day this is!

final happiness of mine
Eye Tattoos

Image by Robynlou8

Hello Bully Rescue Gala @ Town Tavern
Eye Tattoos

Image by blah blah photos…blah blah blah
Jen M. Representing Jester’s Court Tattoo Shop. Carson St. South side, Pittsburgh