Some cool Fairy Tattoos photos:

suck buck
Fairy Tattoos

Image by sparkle-motion
Temporary Knuckle Tattoos (sharpies) have been portion of the Poor Choice Fairy Kit.

June mosaic
Fairy Tattoos

Image by herbrm
1. pigs may possibly fly…, 2. all packed up, three. liverpool street piano, 4. distracted by shiny, 5. wedding bouquet, 6. develop me up buttercup, 7. thursday evening strategy, 8. packing nightmare, 9. heygate hill, 10. taxi?, 11. try at brioche, 12. The French are coming, 13. taste of london bisque, 14. climbing up the walls, 15. electric hotel, 16. buy tickets just before tattooing, 17. o2 fail, 18. A celebration of Kate McGarrigle meltdown 2010, 19. seared lamb, jersey royals and salad, 20. by the side of goods way, 21. fingerprinted can, 22. golden heart, 23. strange part of the country, 24. slippers and rain, 25. bringing house the honey, 26. initial bbq of the year, 27. teeny tiny bike, 28. summer season in the city, 29. fairy lights via a cross filter, 30. twinkle twinkle tiny birthday candle

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