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Feminine Tattoos

Image by roberthuffstutter
For the previous ten years, scrapbooking has turn into increasingly popular as every year passed, revolutionary people have taken what started at Dorothy Smith’s kitchen table and turned it into a billion dollar business, an industry that sprang out of an emotional mood experienced by Dorothy and taken to the bank by girls with economic objectives and marketing capabilities that surpassed genius. These days, this &quothearts and flowers&quot hobby has far surpassed that old female pastime of arranging and rearranging straw flowers amid gaggles of cutsy geese, a hobby most men tolerate for only so long prior to taking flight from the residence for temporary escape from the flocks of quakers and pretty little hearts, all of the trappings labeled as arts and crafts. Now, thanks to Dorothy Smith, all of these hormonal variances of mood, creativity, frustrated states of mind skilled by ladies of nearly all ages beyond 19, can get it with each other and keep it collectively in a scrapbook bought from the &quotScrapmart Department&quot of the world’s largest discount houses. For the ladies who will not or would not be seen at such a mass of humanity looking for tissue bargains, Barbi’s with tattoos in the modest of their trim tiny plastic or vinyl modest of the back anatomy parts, they will commit millions of dollars at privately-owned scrapbook specialty shops. Congratulations to the female gender for finding a pastime that is gaining far more fans and interest each and every day. But what about the males who appear longingly at this ever-so feminine activity? Will we basically burst into 1 of these small retailers like a bull in a China store and tell blatant lies about wanting to buy our mothers-in-law something unique like a SCRAPBOOKING KIT? Will we hide away in our workshops by the ban saw and fiddle with these bits of sentimental trappings. Yes, we can paste tickets to sporting events into certain locations we can glue the currency bands that as soon as kept our bonus hundred dollar bills tight and prepared for a security deposit box insertion. What about it? Prior to conventions to entertaining places like Las Vegas had been poo-pooed by President Obama and some of his employees, we could have pasted practically something but the pasties into our gruff and macho scrapebooks we could have place matchbook covers into our collections ahead of smoking became a sign of moral derelection and character weaknesses (I have a message for the non-smokers who insist on bans against smoking everywhere but one’s private toilet…it is a straightforward easy to study two word message!). Now in these financial times that are so terrible that even the news media is starving to death everyday, will scrapbooking be the one point that will save the nation, the 1 &quothands-on occasion&quot that will hold our minds off of the economy?