Verify out these Fire Tattoos photos:

Destructo, Side two
Fire Tattoos

Image by jyllish
@ Warren Tavern, Charlestown

&lt- VHS Copy of the Movie &quotSoldier&quot &lt-Tantasqua High School AV Intern with Giant Magnet &lt- Art Teacher with JFK Conspiracy Obsession &lt- Large Box o’ Porn Stated Teacher Accidentally Brought In As soon as For Collage Day &lt- Literature Teacher Who Nabbed Said Box Of Porn &lt- Lit Teacher’s Tattooed Wedding Ring &lt- Lit Teacher’s Present Job Functioning Security At Patriots’ Games &lt- Lit Teacher’s Comparatively Productive Students &lt- Worcester State University &lt- Fire (Disqualified: &quotFire would in fact enhance Worcester State&quot)

Rhi the Red has a Posse
Fire Tattoos

Image by infinitooples
I looked her up – she’s an adorable tattoo artist in Kingston PA. This sticker was on some piece of equipment close to the fire.