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Identifier: goinfishinweathe00cook
Title: Goin’ fishin’ climate and feed facts
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: [Cook, Carrol Blaine], 1883- [from old catalog]
Subjects: Fishing
Publisher: Cincinnati, Stewart &amp Kidd organization

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Text Appearing Ahead of Image:
Off the edge of a tamarack swamp, here amongst the rushes and weeds,which go deep down in the water, we located very good pike fishing, makingthe cast proper into the rushes and reeling the lure by way of them.This is very good feeding grounds for pike.

Text Appearing Right after Image:
Proper along this shore and into the pockets the pike had been feedingstrong. The water runs back beneath the wire grass and is a goodbreeding place for minnows and pan fish, proper juicy morsels for hispikeship. Cast close into the edge and reel medium slow. BUSTING THE Rules There are a lot of fellows who go soon after the festivegame fish who are overlooking a little fishing thatusually brings great returns to the stringer, and thatis fishing when it rains. As soon as J. Pluvlus mixesup the cans and accidentally kicks more than a few, spill-ing the rain down in massive gobs, most of the boys bendthe back rowing to shore, to loaf under a jack pineuntil issues clear up. Thats exactly where they make abig mistake. I have landed some of the finest fishan angler could wish for when the rain was beatinga rippling tattoo on the waters surface. A handful of weeks ago although fishing in northern Wis-consin, a pal and I held an hours session with the fishfamilies of a little lake throughout a single of the heaviestrains it has ever been my

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