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Image from page 424 of “The Prince of Wales’ tour: a diary in India with some account of the visits of His Royal Highness to the courts of Greece, Egypt, Spain and Portugal” (1877)
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Identifier: princeofwalestou01russ
Title: The Prince of Wales’ tour: a diary in India with some account of the visits of His Royal Highness to the courts of Greece, Egypt, Spain and Portugal
Year: 1877 (1870s)
Authors: Russell, William Howard, Sir, 1820-1907 Hall, Sydney Prior, 1842-1922, illus
Subjects: Edward VII, King of Excellent Britain, 1841-1910
Publisher: New York, R. Worthington

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the falcons, which invariably succeeded in killing them.Afterwards there was polo-playing by the Baltee Hill people, whohave an evil reputation on this side of the Himalayan slope. Theplayers, mounted upon ragged ponies and attired in bright-coloredsilk, dividing into two parties, commenced the game the multi-tude yelled with delight but certainly there was no ground forapprobation according to our notions. Pulwans, sinewy, activewrestlers, covered with oil, and quite tough to grasp, followed.Then spring-boards and two caniels were brought out. Theathletes, taking a quick run, threw somersaults clean more than thecamels, 1 fellow leaping finally into the howdah of an elephant,which declined to have a repetition of the feat. The drawing of GAMES AND PASTIMES. 383 nets in the river revealed the reality that the fishers of Cashmereinherit the arts of Cleopatra, for fish had been found all ready fastenedto their meshes by the gills. Procession was formed in the evening by way of the illuminated

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THE GUEST OF CASHMERE. city to the old Palace, exactly where the Maharaja gave a dinner to thePrince and a modest party of Europeans. Then there was a weirdperformance of a sacred dancing drama by the Lamas fromThibet, which rivalled the ideal shows of the Royal tour. A lot more 384 THE PRINCE OF WALES* TOUR. fireworks ended the entertainment, which presented several noveland curious functions. yamiary 22.— Baggage at 7 a. m. The Prince and suite toleave at 8. And thereupon, extended ahead of dawn, excellent clamor incamp for on all inquiries of transport, camels, elephants, and,above all, natives, as they are referred to as, express their feelings invery audible fashion—and often. Looked out at six a. m.It was really cold—an eager nipping air. Sentries, dressed inlong fur coats, above which peered bayonet and plumes, andbeneath which slipper-like shoes beat tattoo on the ground,were inviting the earliest rays of the sun to thaw them into life.Yellow-trousered, blue-coated policemen came on the scene forit was f

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