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Image from web page 255 of “Familiar life in field and forest the animals, birds, frogs, and salamanders” (1898)
Fish Tattoos

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Identifier: familiarlifeinfi00math
Title: Familiar life in field and forest the animals, birds, frogs, and salamanders
Year: 1898 (1890s)
Authors: Mathews, F. Schuyler (Ferdinand Schuyler), 1854-1938 Underwood, William Lyman, phot
Subjects: Zoology
Publisher: New York, D. Appleton and business

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s is drastically overbalancedmice and in-stroys. by the quantity ofsects which he de-His depredationsare consequently insignifi-cant compared withthe havoc he makesamong the houses ofcreatures injurious tothe farm. Beetles, mice,and even rats, he hunts withceaseless activity throughout all hoursof the evening, and it is not possible toestimate the extent of his services in thisdirection. But he is omnivorous, like the bear he feeds on mice, rats, moles, turtles, toads, frogs, fish, insects, nuts, fruit,* corn, birds and their eggs, and often poultry. He is abroad at all hours of the night, and frequently on cloudy days. There is no question about the abundance of life * Dr. Abbott tells of a coon he when saw in a tree whose monthwas apparently reeking with gore, but upon a closer view of theanimal and his environment he found that he had been indulginghis taste for wild grapes. The tree was draped with the vines,and the coon had liberally helped himself to the ripe fruit, whichhad stained his jaws red.

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TheRaccoon 204 FAMILIAR LIFE IN FIELD AND FOREST. in the woods and fields there are evidences of it inevery path when we are strolling via thecountry highways and byways. It only needs awatchful eye to discern the unmistakable traces ofcreatures, both excellent and tiny, at our feet, withinreach of our hands, and more than our heads. I do notallude now to the ubiquitous toad, the occasionalsnake, the familiar squirrel, and the nevertheless a lot more famil-iar sparrow : these are often in proof. But thewoodchucks hole is not far off, if we will look for itthe salamanders tracks are traced in the sand aroundevery other stone on the margin of the brook, themarks of the porcupines teeth are on the corner ofthe woodshed, the tattooing of the sap sucker deco-rates the trunk of the apple tree, the wTeasels property isunder the decaying log, the fox leaves feathers andbony relics at the threshold of his burrow, the raccoonleaves his footprints in the muddy margin of thepond, the turtle trails a curiou

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