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Image from page 33 of “The body and its ailments: a handbook of familiar directions for care and medical aid in the much more usual complaints and injuries” (1876)
Fish Tattoos

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Identifier: bodyitsailmentsh00naph
Title: The body and its ailments: a handbook of familiar directions for care and health-related aid in the far more usual complaints and injuries
Year: 1876 (1870s)
Authors: Napheys, George H. (George Henry), 1842-1876
Publisher: Philadelphia, H. C. Watts &amp co.

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hy vascular appearance of that of a fair-complexioned Euro-pean, The artificial colors imparted to the skin by tattooing, sofrequently seen amongst sailors, and of which such curious and oftenvery sophisticated examples are identified among the South Sea Islanders,are indelible, residing as they do in the true skin, and can only beremoved by the destruction of the part. They may possibly, even so, beconcealed, for a time at least, by pricking in over the marks a finerouge of the precise color of the skin, repeating the operation whennecessary. Hairs are identified upon practically every portion of the surface of thebody, except the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Ahair is composed of a bulb or root, which is the part imbedded in theskin of a shaft, which is the totally free portion and of a point. In figure2, there is shown the inside of a hair, by which it will be observed to bea delicate tube. The minute canal there pictured is filled with air.The walls of the hair tube are double, the outer coat consisting of3*

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30 Structure and Action of the Physique. flat scales, the inner coat of cells which include the coloring matter. The surface of each and every hair is as a result covered by minute scales, like 2 these of a fish. They overlap every single other from root to point, which is the cause that a hair, when drawn via the fingers from the root to the point, feels smooth, but rough when drawn from point to root. The number of the hairs on a healthy head have been calculated to be more than a hundred thousand. The hair of the head grows at the rate of about eight or ten inches a year. The influence of the mind upon the colour and development of the hair of the head is well recognized, fear, anxiety, and dismal emotions weakening it and turning it gray. Typically, the alter in colour is gradual, but genuine situations are on record of theInsideofahair. hair turnmg gray in a single nigllt A tedious night indeed, that tends to make a young man old, The topic of hair washes and tonics will occupy us in theirproper location, in accordance with

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