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Image from page 173 of “The story of Captain Cook’s 3 voyages round the planet” (1870)
Fish Tattoos

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Identifier: storyofcaptainco00jone
Title: The story of Captain Cook’s three voyages round the world
Year: 1870 (1870s)
Authors: Jones, M
Subjects: Cook, James, 1728-1779 Voyages about the globe
Publisher: London : Cassell, Petter &amp Galpin

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they have been seeking it, a canoe put off to them with acouple of males in it, who handed them some plantains in avery encouraging manner. Yet another of the natives was soexceedingly friendly, that he swam to the ship, and stayedon board two nights. All this was promising but, whenthey went ashore, it was located there was not significantly to begot at Easter Island: no wood, no fish, no water worthhaving and although the folks were peaceable and civil,they have been, if possible, worse thieves than these alreadyencountered. The really hats had been scarcely safe on theheads of the visitors [it should be owned that in Englandwe at times steal elderly peoples gold spectacles off theirnoses!] pockets seemed made only to be picked by theEasterlings, who, further, were so adroit at filching backagain the numerous things they had sold, that the exact same articlewas often purchased by our people three or 4 timesover, and they did not get it following all. These ingeniousfolk did not care whom they robbed one particular man coolly dug

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THE MARQUESAS. IIQ up his neighbours potatoes, in which he carried on a brisktrade with the ship till the owner appeared, complete of righteousindignation, and place a cease to his dishonest advertising. The island was chiefly remarkable for some immensestatues, or rather busts, of stone, rudely sculptured, whichhad been noticed by earlier navigators. One particular of thesemeasured fifteen feet in height, and six across the shoulders.What they were no a single knew some supposed them tobe idols : Captain Cook thought they have been merely to markthe burial areas of the natives. A party from the ship,who took a stroll into the country, were civilly marshalledalong by a painted, tattooed old native, carrying a piece ofwhite cloth on his spear, flag fashion and in passing somehuts had been hospitably treated to roasted potatoes, sugarcanes, and water to drink, which, though extremely negative, wasmost welcome to their thirsty throats. It was dealt outto them with scrupulous care that no 1 should get morethan his neighbour. As

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