A few nice Flag Tattoos pictures I found:

2011 DC Flag Day 2859
Flag Tattoos

Image by tedeytan
Inked and Non-Inked Gather in Dupont Circle

Celebrate Flag Day Tuesday, June 14, six-8 pm

It is properly known that thousands of District of Columbia residents previous and present sport DC flag tattoos. In reality, George Washington, whose family crest is the supply of the DC flag, would by no means have predicted that so a lot of would passionately adorn themselves to show their civic pride. Over the years, the “Three Stars and Two Bars” has come to symbolize more than 600,000 Americans who can not enact their personal laws nor elect voting representatives to the Home and Senate.

This Flag Day 2011 we encourage a big gathering of men and women with DC Flag tattoo’s and these that help them as a way to get beneath the skin of America and bring attention to DC’s lack of rights in Congress.