A few nice Flower Tattoos photos I located:

Mom’s iris
Flower Tattoos

Image by kightp
As a little youngster I burned myself by pulling a pan full of hot grease off the stove. My mother felt guilty about it all her life. After she died in 1991 I had this tattoo – her favored flower, an iris – inked more than the scar in her memory.

Plumbago zeylanica
Flower Tattoos

Image by D.Eickhoff
ʻIlieʻe or White leadwort
Indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands
Oʻahu (Cultivated)

The sap was utilised by early Hawaiians for tattoos with hues ranging from navy blue to black and as &quotbaby medicine.&quot
The roots are toxic, significantly less than the red or blue flowered introduced species, but employed by early Hawaiians in little amounts to relieve tooth aches or as a tonic.
A poultice produced from pounded bark, leaves and roots had been applied to swollen physique parts. The leaves and stems have been made into a paste and put on sores.