A few nice Gambling Tattoos pictures I discovered:

Rod Holding Wendy, Spring Valley, Wisconsin, 1991
Gambling Tattoos

Image by shimonandlindemann
7×7 inch gelatin silver print

The 1st time we met him, Rod lamented that he couldn’t afford an additional Harley to replace the 1 he’d just smashed up due to the fact he could only uncover part-time carpentry and farm jobs. He was an ex-biker and the husband of Wendy, a dancer who ‘d been performing at the Music Bar, a strip bar near our studio. They lived with their two dogs in a tiny trailer without having plumbing in a woods 20 minutes outside town.

Wendy was 30 when she decided to quit dancing. They moved to Minnesota to “go clean” and perform on a dairy farm. We visited them a single chilly rainy weekend in June and watched them milk although the farm’s owners had been out gambling. Rod was comfortable with the routine of working with the cattle. Whilst listening to the rain pounding on the roof of their avocado green mobile property that night, Rod told us about his family members back in Iowa. And about his days operating on the Texas oil wells exactly where, out of boredom, he’d gotten into cocaine and ended up dealing it. He was busted ultimately and accused of a drug-associated murder. He served time and accumulated a bunch of tattoos.

The complete-time farming phase didn’t final long and Wendy went back to dancing. They headed to Eagle River–a lumbering and hunting town in northern Wisconsin identified for its legion of strip bars and taverns–and lived in a caretaker cottage in the back of an old estate. Wendy stated Rod became increasingly withdrawn and started drinking again. He’d devote more and much more time ice fishing and walking in the woods collecting fallen eagle feathers. His hair began turning white.

He shot himself in the midst of what was one particular of the coldest winters in memory.