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Gang Tattoos

Image by Gregory Jordan
Portrait Series

Cory was panhandling in the Costco parking lot and approached me as I was loading groceries in the trunk of my car.

I told him about the Portrait System and explained I would give him if he let me take his picture and chat for a minute. He suspiciously agreed, but wanted to see my enterprise card or ID proving that I was a photographer. Type of ironic/funny. I gave him one of my cards.

What was Cory’s story?

Effectively, he was just released from the county lockup. He was there simply because of a parole violation right after prison time he did for robbery. He ended up in the pokey following crimen’ to assistance his meth and heroin habit.

While in prison he mentioned he had access to lots of narcotics. Realizing that drugs have been going to continue to be his downfall in life, he elected to participate in a substance abuse plan &quotSAP&quot and go to recovery facility to get clean. Right after two tries he shook heroin and meth.

Now he’s out of jail and broke.

Cory mentioned he’s afraid he’ll slip back into undertaking drugs simply because his friends still use. He’s trying to steer clear of them and just stick to alcohol and pot. He mentioned the parole officers don’t care about alcohol and marijuana. They’re just screening for the heavy stuff. He requirements to keep clear of the challenging stuff or he’ll flunk his parole drug test and end up back in the slammer.

When I asked Cory what prison was like for him he mentioned it was a 17-month trip. He didn’t genuinely think about himself a racist ahead of going in, but felt pressured to align himself with the whites on the inside. He confirmed that prison is really racially oriented and that you are expected to gang up with your own race or risk being ostracized and going without protection against racially/gang-motivated violence.

Prison was a busy place, and Cory located a niche market producing prison tattoo ink. He rattled off the ingredients. Some thing like burning child oil, trapping the soot, and mixing it with shampoo. Anyway, he was capable to trade tattoo ink for tobacco.

Soon after our chat I think that Cory realized I was simply interested in his story and wanted to take his picture. He lightened up and seemed to enjoy telling me his drama. I hope it produced a difference. I consider it did, at least for a few minutes.