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Robert Allen, 20: Murdered June 13th, 2013: Chicago
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ENGLEWOOD — A teen killed Thursday morning would have celebrated his birthday and his initial Father’s Day as a dad on Sunday, relatives stated.

Robert Allen would have turned 20 on Sunday, mentioned his girlfriend, Patrice Smith. The two would have also spent the day with their eight-month-old daughter, Rakiah.

But their plans had been cut quick when Allen was targeted and shot to death close to the house he grew up in on the 4600 block of South Typical Avenue in Englewood.

Police stated Allen had just gotten out of his vehicle about 2:30 a.m. when he was walking by means of a nearby gangway. A shooter inside a passing sedan opened fire, striking him in the abdomen.

Smith said she got up quickly and ran from her residence, much more than a mile away, when she heard the news. But she did not make it to him in time to say goodbye.

&quotI would inform him thanks for every little thing he did, for taking care of me and my baby,&quot she said close to the slain teen’s makeshift memorial Thursday afternoon. &quotI would inform him we really like him, always and forever can’t nothin’ modify that.&quot

The two met in 2010 at Kennedy-King College, exactly where Allen was studying to be a carpenter. The rest, according to Smith, is history she was drawn to his humor and charm — the two fell in love.

A tattoo of her infant daughter’s name is visible on Smith’s neck. She and Allen got matching tattoos about a month ago, she said his was on his correct wrist.

&quotHow do I inform her her dad’s not right here any longer?&quot she asked.

Dozens of family members members and friends mourned in Allen’s childhood home Thursday.

Armeese Tillman, Allen’s cousin, was one particular of those gathered. She stated four shots had been aimed at Allen Thursday, 1 of which hit him in the stomach, piercing his lung.

&quotHe was going in for the evening … they shouted his name from the automobile prior to they shot him,&quot she stated. &quotHe was just breathing soon after, he took 3 breaths and he was gone.&quot

Even though Tillman acknowledged an ongoing feud in between rival groups in the region, she mentioned Allen was not involved with a gang.

Police say Allen does have a gang affiliation, but it’s unclear if the shooting was gang-connected.

No one particular was in custody as of Thursday night, police mentioned.