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Unknown-Pleasures celebration @ KAOS club, london
Gothic Tattoos

Image by coolhunting “tapas”
“Kaos was launched in November 2003 in the crumbling, crushed velvet and gold splendour of Madame JoJo’s in Soho. Over the previous seven and half years we have staged underground events all over London.

From the faded opulence of JoJo’s to the Dickensian squalor of an underground public toilet (Public Life, Spitalfields) through the neo-gothic splendour of the 291 Gallery and the eccentric grunge of The Speaker Palace. We have turned the club into an experimental cinema and collaborated with a range of international efficiency artists (…).

Kaos now runs month-to-month parties at the legendary and fully unhinged tranny fetish club Stunners Our resident DJs are Dr Mu, HaLo-iS + Choronzon, they are joined by a roster of particular guests, like over the years, co-founder Bradley Kaos, EJ Doubell, Richard Torry &amp Mathew Glamorre, Hannah Holland, Franko B, Cormac, Tatu Vuolteenaho, Wandson Maxx, David TG, Jonty Scrufff, Dale Cornish, KvRk, WhatDuck, D’Mak, Dale Cornish, Phil In a position, Prisce de Cockroach and Jose Macabra playing to a fierce crowd of tattooed techno boys, androgynous elektro freaks, vampish transsexuals and assorted, unclassifiable eccentrics”.

Bob the Goth
Gothic Tattoos

Image by Andrew Stawarz
Great guy, a very gentle soul. Was quite sort to enable a number of pictures to be taken in and ut of the market retailer. A Mod in the Sixties, Punk in the Seventies and a progression thorugh Goth thereafter.

A lot to say about the spot and how it has changed along with insights into the other Camden glitteratti (who would have thought Prince Albert was an accountant just before retiring and then piercing and tattooing his whole physique). A typical fixture at Whitby Gothic Festival so catch him and the rest there…