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Sun Chips in Sun Light[Day24]*
Heart Tattoos

Image by Chapendra
As I’ve mentioned hundreds of occasions, twice more than, when on the river, twice into your two ears,
chips are my weakness. Any sort. Expecially Cheese Doodles [nothing like Cheetos] from Sweden.

Today is a happy day! Nicely, it wasn’t but when I came residence I got the e-mail I have been waiting for! I WON A Free TATTOO!! But it has to be 5×5 and black/gray. I can not complain, I prefer black and gray, anyways! Now I gotta go over it with my Mom. I know 95% for confident, this one particular is going on my calf or my foot. Let’s hope it all performs out, it has to be completed by the finish of this month – eek . . .time crunch. Excited yet, full of panic yet, nervous, yet prepared. BRING IT ON!

Heart Tattoos

Image by SLR Jester
I want to be a Playboys bunny
Id do what ever they asked me to
Id meet men and women with lots of funds
And they would love me like I loved you

I want to be a topless waitress
I want my mother to shed 1 tear
Id throw away this old sedate dress
Slip into one thing a tad more sheer

I want to be an artists model
An Odalisque Au Naturel
I should be good at spin the bottle
Even though Ive nonetheless got some thing left to sell

I want to be a cobra dancer
With small Willie between my thighs
I could not find a remedy for cancer
But Ill meet a lot of single guys

I want to be a brothel worker
Ive usually been treated like one particular
If I could be a back-street lurker
Id make more funds and have much more enjoyable

I want to be a dominatrix
Which isnt like me, but I can dream
Discover S&ampM and all those gay tricks
And men will spend me to make them scream

I want to be a porno starlet
For that Ill wait til Mamas dead
Ill see my name in lights of scarlet
And get to invest each and every day in bed

I want to be a tattooed lady
Committed as I am to art
Character’s bold, complicated and shady
Will write my memoirs across my heart